True Green is a very popular lawn care company. They are committed to helping each customer develop the most beautiful lawn. They do more than offer a regular lawn service, however. Indeed, what is obvious from nearly all the TruGreen reviews, is that people see the company almost as saviors. In many cases, reviews discuss situation in which someone believed that their lawns were completely ruined, but True Green was able to come in and save the day. Indeed, they want to help people rejuvenate their lawn, seeing replacing it as a last resort option.

Restoring a Lawn to Former Glory

Few people know that it is possible to take a destroyed lawn and get it back into beautiful shape without having to completely replace it. It is common to see someone comment on the TruGreen reviews about how amazed they were at what the company was able to do for them. And if you found this review useful, you should let them know as well. This review could help the next person save their lawn, after all.

How to Rejuvenate a Lawn

There are two key options to get a lawn back to the way it used to be. The first is to do it yourself, which is a lot of hard work and you may not be successful. The second option is to hire a company like True Green to do it for you. The latter is obviously the better option. They have access to a variety of professional products that you cannot even purchase if you wanted to. Best of all, they have the knowledge, experience, and ability to deal with a range of different problems, including:

  1. All different types of broadleaf weeds. Those include buffalo weeds like Palmetto buffalo and Sir Walter buffalo, but also zoysia, Durban, kikuyu, and couch.
  2. All types of annual grassy weeds. Those include nutgrass, crowsfeet, summergrass, and wintergrass. These can affect any turfed areas.
  3. The various undesirable grasses that have a tendency to take over turf, such as buffalo turf, couch turf, and kikuyu.
  4. Onion weeds and paspalum, which often occur in turf situations like couch.
  5. Rye grass, which is common in couch but can also happen in other lawns.
  6. Any other type of weed.

One of the key benefits of working with a professional company, is that they not only know about all the different types of weeds and how to get rid of them, they can also deal with other common lawn problems. Those include various pests like sod webworm, curl grub, bill bug, and army worm. In fact, they can even get rid of moles for you. While all of that may sound very expensive, it will always be less expensive than completely re-turfing your lawn. The cost of digging it over, replacing the top soil, and laying the turf or seeing your lawn is huge, as well as costing you a great deal of time. Do yourself and your lawn a favor and work with a professional company instead.