When summer is finally just around the corner again, the temperatures start to rise, and there is much less rainfall. While this is an enjoyable time for most of us, your lawn will start to suffer. If you want to make sure it doesn’t become wilted and brown, you have to look after it properly. Here, Trugreen reviews four key tips to making sure your lawn can stay beautiful and green.

Trugreen Reviews Lawn Care Tips

  • Make sure you water at the right time

Lawns want to have about one inch of water each week. If it rains less, then you have to provide the water instead. Have a container in your garden that shows how much rainfall there has been that week. If it’s less than an inch, you need to water it. You can also become a customer with True Green who, as part of their lawn care service, will water your lawn as and when needed.

It is vital that the water can get deep into the roots. This will make lawns far healthier and stronger overall. What this also means is that you need to spray it with water for a few hours, but you usually only have to do this once or twice a week. Don’t water less for shorter periods of time but more often each week, because the water won’t be able to reach the root system.

  • Make sure you mow regularly

It is quite common to read reviews from people who believe a short lawn is the best lawn. In reality, however, lawns prefer to have blades of around three inches in length. This ensures the root system is protected from the sun. Some grasses, like St. Augustine and Bermuda, need to be cut a little bit shorter, but even they should be around two inches at least. It is equally important to use sharp blades so that your grass doesn’t get destroyed. Again, if you work with a lawn service, you can guarantee that things are done right.

  • Don’t over-fertilize

As humans, we eat every day, preferably between three and six times. Hence, we think that our plants require just as much food and we fertilize whenever we can. An important comment here is that over-fertilizing will kill your lawn very quickly. In fact, fertilizing should be done just twice a year: in early spring after aeration and in early fall. If you want to reviews are available that show just how important it is to not fertilize more often than that. Many of those reviews have photographic evidence that show just how devastating it can be for a lawn to have too much fertilization. Do comment if you find this review helpful, it could help save a lawn somewhere.

  • Watch the weeds

Usually, if you see a weed, it is too late and you will have an established infestation. Thankfully, a good lawn care company can help resolve that. If you don’t spot weeds yet, treat your lawn because it is likely that they are trying to take over.