3 Ways Your Small Business Can Utilize Catalogs in Your Marketing Efforts

As a small business, you need all the marketing advantages you can get. After all, you’re likely competing with not just other small businesses, but also larger companies with bigger marketing budgets. Catalogs can give you such an advantage. How? Here are 3 reasons to hire catalog printing services in order to utilize catalogs as a marketing tool. 

In-Store Promotions

Many customers come into a store with what to buy already in mind. What if you could persuade them otherwise? For example, by placing catalogs in high-traffic areas, you can facilitate cross-selling opportunities by showcasing related products and services, encouraging customers to purchase complementary products or services to ultimately increase your average order value.

Then, if you include coupons, discount codes, or limited-time offers within your catalog that are redeemable in-store you can again successfully market and incentivize more in-store purchases. You should even consider including interactive elements in your catalog as well – QR codes or augmented reality features – to further market in-store offerings. 

Trade Shows and Events 

If your small business doesn’t already frequent trade shows and events, consider remedying that as you get to not only network and generate leads but also conduct market research and competitive analysis.  

How can you use catalogs as a marketing tool at trade shows and events? Try: 

  • Sending catalogs to potential customers before the trade show to generate interest and anticipation for your booth 
  • Prominently displaying catalogs that allow attendees to easily browse through your offerings and learn more about your business
  • Offering your catalogs as a free giveaway to attendees who visit your booth so that potential customers have a physical reminder of your business and offerings

Online Marketing 

Catalogs don’t only have physical marketing value. On the contrary, while catalogs are a traditional marketing tool, they can also be utilized in online marketing efforts.

How? First, you can make your catalogs available for download on your website where you can reach a wider audience and provide potential customers with an interactive and engaging way to learn about your products and services. You also have the option to use your catalog in email marketing campaigns by including a link to your digital catalog in your email. 

Yet another marketing strategy is sharing images of your catalog on your social media channels, along with a link to your digital catalog, showcasing your products and services to your followers and their followers to generate interest and drive traffic to your website or store. 

Keep in mind that you want your digital catalog to be mobile-friendly, as more and more people are accessing the internet from their smartphones and tablets.

Overall, catalogs can be a versatile and effective marketing tool for small businesses, providing a tangible and or visually appealing way to showcase products and services to potential customers.