How To Take Care Of Your Pearls

The shine and classic beauty of pearls make them stand out, but at the same time, a bit of special care goes into keeping that luster. We know you don’t want to be wearing dull pearls that have lost their shine.

Here are simple tips that will keep your beautiful pearl jewelry looking radiant.

Don’t Swim or Bathe with Pearls

Excess moisture can cause a level of damage to your pearl jewelry. Water wears out the stringing material in a pearl strand, and this will eventually lead to breakage. The chlorine content in swimming pools can also cause dents on the surface of your precious jewelry. This is the same for the chemicals in shampoos and soaps. For these reasons, you should make it a habit to remove your pearl jewelry before getting into the bathtub, shower, or pool.

Limit Abrasive Clothing

You should avoid clothing or fabrics that may irritate the surface of your beautiful jewelry when you wear your pearls. Materials like sequins, metallic threads, rough wool, and similar materials can scratch your pearls and dull the surface. Wear your pearl jewelry with softer fabrics to keep it looking lustrous.

Check The String

Make it a habit after wearing your beautiful pearl jewelry to check the condition of the stringing material. If the string seems damaged or worn out, you should have the pearls professionally restrung. If you wear your pearls quite often, you may need to have them restrung at least once a year. If your pearl jewelry is in a precious metal setting, you should be sure that the prongs are securely attached, and if they appear to be loose, take the piece to a jeweler for tightening.

Clean Your Pearls After Every Use

Your pearls will still need some amount of light cleaning after every use, no matter how careful you are about household chemicals and beauty products. The oils from your skin and your sweat can damage the nacre if they’re not wiped off the pearls. Simply use a soft cloth, like a glass cleaning chamois, to wipe the surface of your pearls.

Don’t Hang Your Pearls

Hanging your one of a kind pearl necklace may seem like a great way to store it, but this actually weakens the stringing material. Hanging stretches out the strings and may result in eventual breakage. Always store your pearls on a flat surface to prevent this kind of damage.

Let Your Pearls Breathe

One good storage method for your beautiful pearl jewelry is to keep them in a soft, breathable cloth bag. Do away with the metal or plastic airtight containers and store your pearls in a soft pouch or a jewelry box lined with velvet or silk. This is essential to keep your pearls from becoming brittle, as it allows air to circulate.

Wear Your Pearls

This is probably the simplest way to care for your pearls. Pearls are susceptible to drying out and becoming brittle when exposed to moist conditions. But when worn regularly, the natural oils from your skin can improve the luster of your pearl jewelry.

Bottom Line

Taking the time to care for your pearls and clean them properly can help ensure that your pearl jewelry value will stay the same or even increase over time. By following these 7 simple tips, your pearls will stay in excellent condition and retain their beautiful luster.