4 Things to Consider When Choosing a New Luxury Shower

11When you are upgrading your bathroom you need an amazing shower to fit right into the refurbishment. A new shower seems like a simple thing to choose and buy, but you would be surprised at the variety of showers there are available today. A modern shower can be a highly luxurious thing, especially when you choose one with some of these must-have features. Here’s what to look for in a new luxury shower.

1. Style and Functionality

A shower is one of those items that must expertly balance functionality with style. You want it to look good, but that is nothing if it does not work well. At the very least, you want a shower to be big enough to comfortably shower in, with a powerful, drenching shower head. Shower cabin design comes in all kinds of styles, so after you have covered these two basics you need to look at what kind of shower you actually want.

2. Super Shower Head

The shower head is all-important. It will ensure you have great coverage in the shower as well as fulfil a number of other purposes depending on your needs. For a super-stylish shower you can find a steam shower cabin that offers a spa-style steam room capability as well as a regular shower head, as well as shower cabins with rain shower heads as well as other additions such as lights and music speakers.

3. Great Shower Tray

In addition to finding the right shower head, you also need to consider the shower tray. This may not be as stylish as the shower head but it is just as necessary. You need a tray that will allow you to shower in comfort and safety, and also look good, suiting the overall style of your bathroom. If you want a truly luxurious shower experience you can go with marble or slate.

4. Need a Wet Room?

If you have a large bathroom and can separate the shower from the toilet and other areas of the room, a wet room for the shower could be a great idea. This is a really stylish addition to a bathroom and can really raise the value of your home. A wet room is where the water drains onto the floor or into a very shallow, wide, shower tray. You can add partial screens to cut off different areas of the room from excess water.

Image: Image courtesy of num_skyman/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net