Best Casino Games For Beginners 

Walking into a casino for the very first time can be a truly overwhelming experience, especially if you are not used to the various games and activities which you will find there. This is why for many, they much prefer online gambling at sites such as Slotpark, where they can freely gamble in the comfort of their own home, and without the feeling of pressure that many feel in a casino.

If you do happen to be going to the casino for the very first time, there are some games which are easier, and make more sense to play, in order to get you started with the casino environment. Casinos are not as big and scary as they may first appear, and here are the games which you should get started with.


One of the most iconic images of a casino is that of the roulette wheel, one of the oldest games that casinos have. Playing roulette is pretty simple and it is a great game for beginners. The idea is that the metal ball will lands on one of the 37 numbers, and you can pick a number of options which correspond to where the ball lands. You could guess the exact number it will land on, which colour it will land on, which section of numbers the ball will land and you can also spread your bet across 4 different numbers. If you are in a casino for the first time, head to the roulette wheel.


Blackjack is simple both in terms of how it is played, and also how you gamble on it, making it the perfect game for newbies. The idea of this card game is to get as close to 21 as possible, and have a better score than the dealer. Each round that passes you will have the choice of taking an extra card to get closer to 21, whilst avoiding going over it. From a gambling perspective, the game is simple, if you win, you double your money, if you lose you lose your stake. The blackjack games are quick and exciting, a great place to get started during your time at the casino.


Slots have been around in one variety or another for many, many years and they are still as popular today as they always have been. Slots are super easy to play, you simply need to add your stake, give the wheels a spin and then see what you can win. Some of the more advanced slots have extra games that you can play on the winboard, but if you don’t understand this, you can just stick to the one-armed bandit style slots where you simply need to match symbols. If you don’t fancy betting big, slots can be a great option and you can find some that cost as little as $0.01 per game.

Don’t be fearful when you enter the casino, find these simple games, and ease your way in.