Did You Make That Call to a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Whether you thought you could make it home despite that last drink or you really were not clearly thinking, you’re now staring trouble in the face.

If you’ve been stopped and charged with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), the anxiety can mount rather quickly.

For starters, you have the possibility of dealing with jail time.

Secondly, you throw in the thought of paying a substantial fine (court costs, your arrest etc.).

Lastly, you may or may not lose your current job or the potential for one you’re trying to get as a result of your DWI episode.

So, don’t you think it is a good idea to make that call to a criminal defense lawyer?

Fight for Your Freedom

In the event you are facing a DWI or other notable charge, there is help out there, help that could determine whether or not you face the issues above and more.

For many people in such a position, the biggest task at hand is finding the right criminal defense lawyer.

Yes, some may look and sound good from their advertising efforts and/or reputations, but are they truly the ones best suited to fight for you?

When mounting an effort to altogether remove a DWI charge and conviction from your record, you need someone who not only has years of experience in court, but can also work with you in a professional and personable manner to bring you a positive resolution.

Whether you opt for Scheiner Law in Houston or other qualified legal help nationwide, take the time to research each and every law firm you consider.

In your search for the best legal help, keep in mind all that you have riding on the selection.

First, you could end up receiving significant jail time, especially if your DWI stop resulted in an accident, an accident that injured others (drivers, passengers, pedestrians etc.).

Secondly, the fines can mount quickly, fines that could send your finances into a tailspin before you know it.

In many instances, not only are drivers who have been charged with DWI’s dealing with the fines on the book for such charges, but they also can end up saddled with significant court costs. When all is said and done, your wallet or purse could be much smaller as a result.

Drivers also have to consider the potential hit their auto insurance rates will take as a result of a single DWI conviction.

With auto insurance costs high to begin with for many drivers, a lone DWI charge and conviction can make those rates soar rather quickly. Drivers also end up with points against their driver’s licenses (too many points can lead to losing a license altogether).

Another area of concern should be your career.

As more and more employers review things such as social media, how do you think it would appear to your current or potential boss to see a picture of you on Facebook drunk?

With DWI reports oftentimes reaching the local newspapers, the news can be easily located online too.

If you work in a position where you drive often for work (delivery driver, meet with clients), your employer may think twice about keeping you if your ability to drive sober is called into question. A potential employer (perhaps you are hunting for a new job) may also have second thoughts about hiring you with a DWI hanging over your head.

Don’t Make the Same Mistake Twice

Finally, what will you learn from a DWI experience?

While some people make the same mistakes over and over again, don’t be one of those individuals, especially with the seriousness that comes with a DWI.

Along with having the potential to do serious damage to your life, a DWI can harm others too.

Could you live with yourself the remainder of your life if you knew that your DWI experience injured or even killed one or more people?

Unfortunately, many people end up living with that terrible though the rest of their lives.

Your memory should be fresh from your DWI experience, leaving you to never make the same mistake again.

At the end of the day, it is a mistake that can have deadly consequences.