Don’t Let Your Teen Get Discouraged After an Auto Accident

An auto accident for a teenager can be much different than that for an adult.

First, the younger driver has likely never been in an auto accident unless it was as a passenger.

Second, they do not have the knowledge of older drivers in realizing accidents happen. The bottom line is your teen may be a bit traumatized by the experience.

When your teen has been in an auto accident, do all you can to encourage them to get right back out there.

Are Their Driving Skills in Question?

For some teens, they drive as if they’re immune to auto accidents.

Step one in getting your teen back in the right frame of mind is making sure they feel 100 percent confident.

Although not required, you may want them to take another driving test.

That test can help them become acclimated once again to the roads. In the process, they will likely regain the confidence they had before their accident.

Second, consider what distractions may hinder them when driving a new or used vehicle.

Among some of the more common ones:

· Cell phones – Having too much attention towards a cell phone can be an accident waiting to happen. Remind your teen as many times as it takes that cell phones should never be in use when behind the wheel.

· Drinking and driving – Your teen should never think for one second that it is okay to drink and drive. Unfortunately, too many teens think they’re immune to accidents. This is true even when that involves alcohol. If you have to, show your teen some disturbing images and videos of what happens when teens drink and drive.

· Too friendly – When your teen has one or more friends with them, are they concentrating on the road ahead of them? Remind your son or daughter about the importance of focusing on the road. They can talk to their friends and have some laughs at the same time while driving in a safe manner.

· Tending to them – Whether using makeup or brushing hair, it can be dangerous when your teen doesn’t focus on the road. They should leave wherever they are departing from a few minutes early if they want to make sure they look good.

Making Sure the Vehicle is Safe

Even after an accident with what seems like minimal damage, make sure to inspect the vehicle.

It is not uncommon for the naked eye to miss damage to the undercarriage or even the tires etc.

By giving the vehicle a thorough inspection, there is less chance for them to be in a vehicle prone to accidents. You also want to make sure the vehicle is safe from a legal standpoint.

If your teen is in another accident, those injured could show your teen was driving an unsafe auto. If that happens, they could sue for damages.

Given auto accidents occur around the clock, don’t let your teenager get discouraged if he or she has one.

In getting right back out there, they are showing that they will not be afraid of the open roads.