Essential SEO Ranking Factors to Consider

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s a term that includes all the strategies and factors to consider when you want to increase the quantity of traffic to your website. We’ve all heard this acronym at least once, but it’s easy to underestimate its complexity and how fundamental it is. 

If you want people to find you, you can’t ignore SEO and Google-related ranking factors. Many people have doubted its effectiveness due to search engine algorithm updates and the way results are shown, but that’s a huge mistake.

Technology is constantly evolving and SEO is no different, as new techniques will always show up when the old ones stop working. These techniques are actually making it work even better, so there’s really no reason to avoid investing in SEO if you want more success for your website

By keeping the basics of search results rankings in your mind, you’ll be able to keep your website on the first page where customers will easily be able to get in touch with you.

Search Engines Are Smarter Now

It’s easy to consider SEO a dead practice when you suddenly find yourself with a bad ranking, but search engines are simply smarter right now. Algorithms are constantly evolving and they’ve got a lot better at recognizing poorly made content with clickbait titles.

These changes bring even more opportunities to increase your ranking and must not be seen as something negative. With that said, you might still be wondering what are the important elements to consider right now, especially when Google’s standards are not clear at all.

User Experience

Having a great user experience is the most important thing when a client is visiting your website. Feeling frustrated is the last thing that should happen while navigating your content. Frustration will increase your bounce rate.

Page load time and SEO performance go hand in hand, as one directly impacts the other. If your website doesn’t have a page speed, that’s at least considered decent by Google’s standards, your ranking will suffer and you might end up on the second page of results. It’s not just a joke when you hear someone say, “if you want to hide something that should never be found, you should put it on the second page of search results.” 

Most users will find what they need after looking at the first page of results. Even if you manage to make it to page one by having good content with a correct site architecture, having a slow page speed will still impact how many clients will try to get in touch with you. They will simply leave if your website will take too long to load. 

It’s always pleasant to navigate through a website with colorful images that explain what services or products you’re offering, but do not exaggerate. If your images are larger than they need to be, mobile users will have a terrible experience when trying to visualize them and desktop users will get frustrated when they find out that your page is slow because you wanted to be fancy without cause.

Getting Started Is Not Easy

If you’ve never dealt with so many things at once, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This entire process happens behind the scenes and it’s not a simple task to keep track of every little thing that might impact your ranking. 

You also might be unable to find the time necessary to worry about your SEO practices, as your business and its success will be your main focus. That’s why hiring an expert is the smart choice if you want to keep your business successful, as they will take care of your optimization while you worry about everything else. Evolution is not only fundamental for life but also for your business.