How John Robert Powers Has Stood The Test of Time

John Robert Powers was a successful actor in the 20th Century who believed that he had far more to give the entertainment industry than just his own skills. John Robert Powers also believed that Chicago would become the next Hollywood given the depth of talent which the city was blessed with. And so with this in mind John Robert Powers set up a talent and modeling business in the early part of the 20th Century and almost 100 years later it is still in operation, and it is very much thriving. We all know that an industry like talent and modeling can be very unconventional and it is very much an industry which could see you become a star today, and yesterday’s news tomorrow, so how has this firm stood the test of time? Let’s take a look.


This is a modeling company which has grown a reputation for its brutal honesty when giving feedback and whilst on the face of it that may seem cruel, it has actually stood them in good stead. Many modeling companies will take people on when they know that they don’t really have a chance, and surely selling false dreams is worse than telling people the cold hard truth. The result of this hardline approach are models who know whether or not they are worth it, and one which offers the confidence to their clients that their talent is the very best.


Because they have been in place for such a long time they have amassed a huge network of loyal contacts. These relationships help them to continue to thrive and within the industry they know that if they use the company that they will be sent the very finest talent which they have to offer. This isn’t an industry like business where trust is easy to be found, in fact it is probably one of the worst for betrayal and double-crossing, thanks to their strong values and their dependability however, John Robert Powers have created a circle of trust between itself and its clients.

Promote Within

The large majority of the members of the management team at John Robert Powers are men and women who were once on the books of the company. What this has created is a continuity in terms of the ethos and how they work with their talent. Promoting from within like this helps to create a real community as well as making sure that it always stays close to its core values.

Finally we have to mention their ability to keep up with the times, this is a business which is always on the front foot and this is yet another reason why they are still one of the most successful agencies in the world, almost 100 years after it was founded.