How to Avoid Disability Discrimination in Your Company – accessiBe

We hear a lot in recent years about discrimination in the workplace and the world seems mostly in agreement that things need to change. People can be discriminated for many reasons, such as race, gender, religion and disabilities. Companies are working hard to review their policies and make sure they are inclusive of all of the above. Unfortunately, some companies are under the assumption that by adding ramps, level access, or wider doors, they have done their part for the disabled. But in this modern world, there is a lot more to consider and companies like accessiBe are there to help.

What more can be done?

As well as making your premises and surroundings fully accessible in a physical way, you can make your websites fully accessible to all who use them. Sounds strange right? And yet, the choices you make can make a massive difference to many users and to your own business. How is that? Different disabilities may require different types of help. Some with visual impairment may need a larger font to be able to view your page. Or they may need to have the page read to them, while some may struggle with the colours used and simple changes to colour can help many to understand your website. Others may struggle with motor skills and are unable to you use a mouse and so need full access to your site through the keyboard.

Isn’t this a lot of work?

It might sound daunting but there are companies that can help you to do this; in fact, not just help, but set it up for you. Within days, your website could be accessible to many more.

What are the benefits?

The obvious is that you are being inclusive of those with disabilities and helping make their lives easier; so it is the right thing to do. But this isn’t where the benefits end. It is actually really good for your business. Did you know that if your website is accessible, it moves you up the rankings on search engines meaning more people visiting your site. It is also a legal requirement; without making your site accessible, you could be breaking the law. Another benefit is that it makes your site easier for everyone to view and understand, which will again, increase visitors to the site.


No company wants to show discrimination so don’t overlook this important way that disabled persons can be supported and helped while working for or visiting your company, whether in person or online.