Krakow – Your Dream Stag Weekend

Poland’s biggest university hub and its second largest city in terms of population is Krakow, it is however first in every other way imaginable when it comes to the vibrant and fun nightlife that hit has to offer. An army of youngsters party every weekend until dawn in the city that has more pubs and bars per square meter than any other city in the world! Get ready to create a new page in your life, full of excitement and mystery here in Krakow, and the perfect destination for your stag party.

It is not just that the affordable prices make a Krakow stag do weekend so popular for visitors from all over the world of course and although prices are low, that doesn’t diminish the awesome experience of a “True European” capital in every street you step into. Its medieval outlook represents the centuries of turbulent transformations that have left every bit of the city shrouded with architectural relics that chart the city’s history.

Gorgeous colourful wooden paved rooftops look the most romantic in winter and autumn but even when it is sunny, the bars and pubs beneath them look like they hold the answers and mysteries that the city hides away, these are the places where you’ll find the true Krakow. The beers here are of excellent quality, at very low prices and usually mark the starting point of most Krakow stag do adventures. One part of this amazing city is under UNESCO heritage protection which is the quarter we all know as the Old Town, the perfect place for the stags to let loose.

It is the historic central district of Krakow where the one thousand year-old history of this part of the city can be better observed. From here everywhere around you is an amazing selection of open cafes and alluring restaurants where you shouldn’t miss a chance to enjoy Polish traditional dishes along with a bottle of lovely wine, or several!
Even in the city centre, you can start to see some of the clubs that start to shake the city when the night falls. Plan your night wisely with your bachelor crew so that you can enjoy everything that Krakow can offer. Regardless of the pricing, this Polish city has some of the most thriving and extravagant party scenes that can be found in this part of Europe. Every taste will be satisfied here have no doubt in that.
Krakow nightlife ranges from electro-disco clubs to huge pubs where live bands perform, not to mention the even larger underground scene that can be found in the nooks and crannies of the city. It has well-organized infrastructure so you won’t have trouble club-surfing during the night. If you are planning a night here, take a look at VIP passes in order to help you avoid the crowds.
Here in the heart of Poland you will find beautiful Slavic ladies that will be more than happy to light the fire of your bachelor party. They are very open-minded and they will also most certainly be the best addition to your overall bachelor experience.
The next day when you wake up, don’t forget to visit Planty park and cure your hangover in the lush surrounding area with its quiet atmosphere and open cafes as you plan how to end your Krakow stag do experience in style.
In Conclusion

The Krakow stag do experience will be a great option for any bachelor crew who plans to spend less and still get all the fun Europe can offer at its best. The Slavic party euphoria will amaze you and if you add the cultural experience and the tasty food, the result will definitely be a new page of your life that you would gladly repeat. Come pay a visit to Krakow for your bachelor adventure and let it live with you forever.