How to Regrout Tiles

Whether you’ve just moved in to a property that needs a little TLC, or your current bathroom needs Renovating. Regrouting your tiles is a great place to start! Over the years your bathroom tiles may start to lose their charm. Just like any other material, tiles need to be well kept to maintain their great look. DIY is good for you and as we all know it’s a money saver!


What you will need?



1. Grout & Sealer

2. Sealer / Grout Protector


1. Mixing Bucket

2. Bucket Towel

3. Grout Rake


1. Dust Mask

2. Latex Grip Gloves

3. Safety Goggles/ Glasses

4. Dust Sheets


Getting Started

Before you start to regrout tiles its important to lay down dust sheets to protect the room from a build up of dirt. If you’re regrouting in a bathroom or kitchen, make sure that all of the plug sockets and drains are fully covered. This will stop dust from the old grout settling in crevices that could cause you serious problems further down the line.


regrouting tiles


Removing Old Grout

Using the grout rake, begin to remove all of the old grout from the grooves. This job can

 be physically difficult since the old grout and be tough to remove. This is why its important to go in to the job with some spare blades in case one snaps or breaks. Make sure you are always driving the blade one way, work with the direction of the hooks on the blade. Once you’ve done this, use a damp sponge or cloth to pick up any stray dust or dirt.


Applying New Grout

In the bucket, mix the grout according to the instructions on the packaging. Once ready, add a dollop of the mixture to your grout float. Using the flat, start to apply the grout to the joints between the tiles. Use the rubber side of the flat to press right in to the grooves. It’s important to be wiping away any excess grout with a damp sponge while you work.


regrout tiles


Final Steps

When you have finished grouting, wipe down the whole surface with a cold, damp sponge to make sure these is none left of the tile surface. Leave the grout for 10-15 minutes before giving it a second wipe down with the same cold, damp sponge. Make sure you are cleaning your sponge between wipe down so not to just be spreading residue. Once the grouting is dry, use a soft, clean cloth to buff up the tiles and bring back their finish.

That’s it! Now you know how to regrout tiles. For quality, cheap tiles, make sure you check out Tile Monkey!