Sandra Balan: Real Estate Broker to the Stars

Wondering who helps the members of society’s elite find houses that feels like home to them? Sandra Balan is a name that is well-known to celebrities, politicians and other public figures.

She helps them find properties that are befitting of their stature, with her most recent client, Mumford & Sons guitarist Winston Marshall, being matched up with stripped down but sexy loft in the Soho District of New York City in recent times.

How has she attained such success in her real estate career? This article will review the strategies that she has employed in order to become a real estate broker to the stars.


Service is job #1 

In order to win the confidence of many high-profile clients, Sandra decided to focus on providing a high standard of service to customers from the day she accepted her first listing.

She may have not been showing or finding homes for movie stars at the beginning of her career, but Sandra made certain to make her initial clients feel like they were A-list celebrities.

She listened to their needs, kept the lines of communication open at every juncture of every deal, and treated every person she did business with as if she were acting on the behalf of Bill de Blasio or Jimmy Fallon.

Before long, Sandra Balan got referred to better known and more lucrative clients. Using this customer service skills she had honed earlier in her career, Sandra excelled at getting these higher value customers exactly what they wanted, inevitably leading to the success that she enjoys today.

Getting the home off the market ASAP 

When you are a high performance individual, the last thing you want are distractions stealing attention away from your life’s work.

Trying to offload a piece of real estate certainly counts among these, as there are many components to a sale that these individuals simply do not have the time to focus on.

Sandra Balan recognizes this, so she has employed a variety of tactics to get her client’s homes off the market in a quick and efficient manner.

The speed by which she has managed to get quick but highly profitable sales has helped her earn the trust of many well-known celebrities, who come to her so that she can fix their real estate issues.

Selling properties well above asking price 

Not only do Sandra’s clients want to offload their real estate holdings, they want to get the best possible deal for their assets.

On this point, she has not betrayed their trust, as she has employed techniques to get buyers to engage in bidding wars, and to agree to a sale that end up paying the seller an amount that is well above the original listed price.

She has trained her clients not to be eager to agree to first offers, as many luxury real estate listings in NYC attracts multiple suitors.

With multiple competitors gunning for the same property, Sandra is frequently able to get an amazing return on investment for her A-list clients.