Smart Shopping: Make Great Savings Every Day

What satisfaction can you get from shopping smart! Here are some simple tips that will benefit your wallet and your budget.

When you want to buy something, do it thoughtfully. Do enough research and you will avoid finding the same product cheaper elsewhere. Or discover your product 30% less than a week later or offer codes for the same during a remnant sale. Here’s how to make your purchases at the best price!



You receive your energy bill and fall from the clouds. “How could we consume so much?” First, look at the power for which you have subscribed. This power may be higher than what you need, and maybe you can reduce consumer staples. On your contract like the electric bill, power is mentioned in kW. Here’s how to know if it is good:

Add up the power (kW) of all energy consuming appliances that are normally switched on simultaneously.

Add a margin of 1 kW for lighting and small appliances.

Once your total average power consumption is calculated, see the different standard wattages in your contract or at the back of your bill. Select the highest level closest to your consumption. This will prevent unpleasant surprises at year end. When you are replacing appliances and light bulbs, opt for energy-saving bulbs. Appliances bearing a label A +++ consume less, while for energy-saving bulbs, it is the most energy efficient LEDs. There are still many tips to save energy at home. Check with your provider for details.


Did you know that each additional degree of warming increases your intake by 8%? We advise that, at night and when you are not present, you maintain an acceptable temperature of 15 ° C and 20-21 ° C when you are home.

Do not turn off the heating. It costs more to heat a cold area than to maintain a constant temperature. New chassis can have a very positive effect on your energy bill! Good curtains and good flooring also help.


Use all conceivable free loyalty cards: so, you always end up benefitting. Do not be ashamed to do your shopping from four different supermarkets to get the best deals.

Compare! There are big price differences per product depending on the format. If you pay attention, you can save up to 30%.

Make a list of products you need and stick to it. Spontaneous purchases are normal, but keep it under control. Watch for price, and see if you really need a product.

Opt for fresh seasonal produce, and look at canned private label and dairy products. These are really good! Always check the use-by date.

Think about the cleaning products you buy. This is sometimes worth paying a little more, to have much more in terms of performance and results. Examples; Mr. Clean, Ariel and Febreze. Their formulas are much more powerful and effective than similar products. These products are the result of years of research and continuous innovation. Cheaper products for purchase are often more expensive… You have probably already noticed.

Beware of 2×1 and 3×2 offers. Do you really need more than one item, and is the price it really worth?

Always carry your coupons with you. Do not wait until the next day, print them and store them in your wallet.

And you, what are your tips for smart shopping?