Social Media Apps Which Your Business Should Be Making Use Of

If you are running a business, online or otherwise, it is absolutely vital that you are making the most of all the tools which you have at your disposal. One such tool ,which every single business in operation must make the most of, is social media and to run  business without also running social media pages for it, is absolutely criminal.

If you don’t know about social media or have no experience with it, it is time that you changed that quickly as those who will be successful in business, are those who understand the power that social media can have on the profits of the company. Let’s have a look at the social media sites which you should look into using.


Many small businesses rely heavily on shift and temp workers to keep their business going. Whilst this model does make sense in that you don’t need to necessarily contract anyone long term, it can occasionally leave you short staffed. Thankfully, the social media app Shiftpixy has been designed with this exact problem in mind and you can use it to connect to available shift workers in your area, problem solved.


On the theme of recruitment, you can use the social media channel LinkedIn, as a way to hire high quality staff for your business. This is a social media app that is dedicated to professionals and you can see someone’s profile before contacting them, to see if they fit the bill for your vacancy. LinkedIn is not just about looking for staff, you can also connect with other businesses, find influencers and use the channel to promote brand growth.


Facebook should be a bare essential in terms of your online profile and without you will be losing out on the chance to promote your business to literally millions of potential customers. Facebook gives you the chance to set up a page for your business where you can share all kinds of content, and engage directly with your customers, something which is pretty rare in the world of business. Facebook is the single most popular social media channel and its users are very active, don’t miss out on the chance to promote to them.


The second most popular social media channel is Instagram, a photo sharing site which is perfect for promoting gyro goods and your services to a huge number of people. Through the use of  smart hashtagging, geotagging and engagement, you can amass a large following pretty quickly through Instagram. Instagram users are also super active and the statistics for how many people click through from Instagram to you website, is incredible high. This means that if you create great content, the Instagram work will be more than happy to leave the social media site, to come and check you out, and even spend some money!

What are you waiting for, get on social media now and boost your business.