What to Do with Your Social Work Degree

If you are thinking of studying a social work degree, are studying one, or perhaps already have one, but you are unsure of what career you wish to pursue or would be best suited for you, then look no further. Below are 3 great career choices you could apply for with your social work degree, some you may not have even realized you could get into.

Child Welfare

If you enjoy working with children and being an advocate for them in times of turmoil, this job may be for you. Although schools offer a wide range of programs and activities for children who have been affected by many different aspects such as domestic violence, being a child in care or substance abuse within the family, the child may still need additional support. This is where a child welfare officer would step in, giving the child one to one support, meaning you can help that child to understand and come to terms with what they have been going through in a healthy way, rather than turning to alcohol, drugs or other harmful behaviors.

Mental Health and Substance Misuse Worker

If you are more interested in the mental health or substance misuse side of social work, then this may be something you wish to get in to. This can mean working in psychiatric wards or treatment centers, helping and safeguarding those vulnerable people with mental health problems who may be a harm to themselves or others due to their underlying mental health issues. This can be a very demanding job, and one not all of us may feel comfortable doing, but if you can, you should think of applying. Helping those with mental health issues can be a very long, daunting process as it cannot be fixed instantly, but it can also be an extremely rewarding job and you could help families to come back together and children to be reunited with their parents.

Social Work Lecturer

If you enjoy social work but you are looking to get into something that is not out on the field, this may be perfect for you. Every social worker will have different experiences in different subjects and therefore can bring different things to the table as a lecturer. If you feel comfortable talking in front of people about what you know, you could help the future social workers become knowledgeable and experienced. Rutgers Online can help you gain a master in social work online, giving you that extra knowledge and skill set to teach others.

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many career opportunities out there for those with a degree in social work. Above are three that relate to working with different age ranges and are all completely different jobs whether you wish to work on the front line or you are looking to step back, but still use your social work degree and experiences. Social workers are an extremely important part of society and using your social work degree to its full potential means you will make a different in people’s lives.