The Coolest Neighborhoods in Paris to Stay In

If a trip to Paris is in your future this coming new year then start making your plans now because there are plenty of great places to stay while in the great city. You can find the best HouseTrip Destinations by knowing a little about the city before you arrive there. Paris is broken up into 20 different sized arrondissements or neighborhoods and they are numbered. They go out circular patterns, the center being Ile de la Cité at number one and then increasing in numerical name from there. Neighborhoods closer to the center of the city have lower numbers; the 12th-20th arrondissements are at the farthest edge of the city. Locals often refer to the neighborhoods simply by their number, 1-20. So here are some of the popular neighborhoods to visit in Paris:

So big is is considered to be the 3rd and 4th neighborhoods, The Marais, is seen by many to be the best neighborhood to stay in while on vacation in Paris. It’s centrally located, has good food, lots of culture, some entrainment venues, and gives an authentic Paris experience. Some consider Marais to be one of the best shopping neighborhood in the city with stores, street markets, vendors, and boutiques. The Marais was historically the place that many marginalized communities once called home in Paris, including the LGBT and Jewish community; this has resulted in the neighborhood having a very nice cultural mix to this day.

Montmartre is along the outer edge of the city being neighborhood 18, and while it can be a great place to stay it does come with an asterisk attached. It can be wonderful staying there, but it will require a little extra research to ensure you are staying in the best part of the neighborhood. Much of the 18th neighborhood is made up of village-like urban spread, but there are some parts that are very seedy and full of sex shops. So unless your trip to Paris is focused on those types of activities, most tourists prefer to avoid that type of crowd and scene. So make sure you take a look at the neighborhood and do a little more research before booking.

The 9th arrondissement, simply known by that due its small size, is not one you will find on most people’s top list because it isn’t big on attractions and is not as famous for its architecture or food either. What makes it a great neighborhood to stay in while in Pairs is that it has a great location that makes it easy to get out and explore the entire city. The 9th is a residential zone with only a few small attractions within its borders so here aren’t a lot of tourists, which can be a welcome change! There are however lots of restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy and you will not be bored there either because there’s lots of night life and excitement without all the pandering to the crowds of tourists.

If you want your HouseTrip location to be in the dead center of Paris, yet somewhere that does not remind you of being stuck in a crowded theme park, then Ile Saint-Louis is a great choice. This is the 4th neighborhood of the city. Many have described it as its own small town in the middle of Paris and even though it’s close to the neighborhoods teeming wit tourists, Ile Saint-Louis is almost a world away with how quiet, relaxed, and laid back it feels. Little markets and shops, quaint cafes, cultural stops, and a quite place to relax after a day of touring the city may be just what you have been looking for!