Things that are damaging your wood floors

With wood flooring being a beautiful and life-long investment, it’s important that we take good care of it – the last thing you want to be doing is to be causing damage that could have been avoided in the first place! Fixing a damaged plank and replacing our flooring is not always simple and can be very costly, so we end up obsessing over how best to protect our investment. Here are a few everyday adjustments that can help you avoid any damage! 

No sweeping frequently enough:

Sweeping regularly is very important as it removes dirt and debris which can cause damage. If they are not removed, they can be trodden in and cause scratches. Not only will it protect your floor from scratches but will also keep it looking squeaky clean. 

Not using the correct vacuum attachment:

Although something you might not think is important, it’s vital in maintaining the beauty of your wood floors. Avoid hard wired brushes, they can be too harsh on the wood’s surface. Instead, use a nozzle or a very soft brush end for those hard to reach places.

Not cleaning up spillages as soon as possible 

If any sort of spillages occurs, wheter water or food, then make sure it is removed straight away. If you let it dry, then it will penetrate beyond the surface and cause irreversible damage. Use a cloth and blot the spillage, try avoid wiping too much if you can. Don’t use a dripping wet cloth either – go for a damp one. 

Using the wrong mop

As tiresome as it is, using the right mop is very important. As mentioned before, lots of water is a big no with natural products, as it can cause the material to warp and swell, so dry mop. Do not use a steam mop either – these cause the same irreversible damage. 

Shoe types

Like common practise, most of us take our shoes off before entering a home. This is especially important with wood floors, as it’s a good way to prevent dirt and debris getting trodden in. High heels are a totally different story however – the pressure can cause noticeable dents to the surface, so even if you don’t take other shoes off make sure these are removed! 

Using the wrong cleaner 

You should always check which specific cleaning product the manufacturer has suggested to use, so don’t just assume regular floor cleaner will do the job. 

Pay attention to these everyday changes and you’ll almost certainly get the most out of your wood flooring.