Top Southeast Asian Destinations with Surf Breaks

Surf Breaks

Surfing is still somewhat new in Southeast Asia and many beaches and regions with fantastic surf breaks lie undiscovered by surfing gurus and enthusiasts. The best thing about surfing in Southeast Asia is the warm waters, pleasant weather, and the affordable prices.

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Bali, Indonesia. Bali can be summed up in one word – paradise. Rightly so, especially for surfers as this Indonesian island is a magnificent surfing destination. Bali draws surfers all over the world and is sought after as the starting point for the surfing adventure in Indonesia. It’s believed that Indonesian surf was discovered in Bali by Australian surfers back in the 1960s.

The surfing spots in the famous Kuta are: Padma, Kuta Reef Bali, Blue Ocean, which is comprised of 20 top-quality breaks on the southeast and southwest coasts (Pererenan, Canggu, Medewi, etc.) and around Bukit, where you can catch fun to intimidating level of waves. The best spots are Shipwreck, Lacerations, and Playgrounds.

Maldives. This world-famous group of islands in the Indian Ocean has the same surfing season (March – October) as well as the same type of surfing you’ll find in Indonesia. There’s fun to be had even in the most crowded places and impressive experiences if you be so bold as to venture a bit farther. Do not miss these surfing points: Jailbreaks, Honky’s and Sultans.

Bai Dai Beach, Vietnam. From Vietnamese celebrities to Australian backpackers can be found spending lazy days here. The city is a favorite destination for those who love an excellent waterside location, incredible nightlife, and a fantastic surf spot. There’s a surf shack that rents plenty of boards and lessons. As a bonus, there are still parts of the beach that’s underdeveloped, which means it’s easy to find secluded spots to surf to your heart’s content.

Andaman. The Andaman Islands (in the Eastern Indian Ocean) boasts good surf, which is best experienced from February to May. Particularly known for their snorkeling and diving, the Andaman Islands will delight you with its calm and almost deserted beaches. Visit Little Andama, which is the most popular surfing spot here.

Cloud 9, Siargao, Philippines. Yes, that’s the area’s real name. Cloud 9’s intense waves are worthy of global recognition. The beach has a thick and high turquoise-colored hollow tube and is the site of the yearly Siargao Cup, which is joined by local and international surfers competing for recognition. Mind you, this is not for beginners, but rather for those with moderate experience and want to get a taste of the powerful and dramatic reef break right over the vibrant corals.

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So, which Southeast Asian destination do you want to go for your next surfing adventure?