Who Earns the Most and Why?


Have you ever wanted to know which careers can earn you the most amount of money? If so then I have put together this article to discuss the tope three highest earners in the United States and just why they can command the high wages that they are able to. Some people want respect in their career, many wish for a position of power and the majority look for financial reward and if this is what you are after in your career then here are the positions which can earn you the most amount of cash.


Attorneys are not only highly paid because of the important role that they play within the country’s legal system but also because of the incredible amount of hard work which they need to put in, just to be able to practice law in the first place. An attorney like Jonathan Bunge must work through high school, college and then law school and achieve excellent grades throughout. Once they have completed law school they must be able to survive in the world of law before they can pass the bar and only then can they start working on people’s cases directly. The highest earning lawyers are the most successful and the ones who have managed to become partners at a law firm.


Doctors and specialists are able to command such high wages because of the incredible work that they do day-in and day-out to help to improve or even save people’s lives. Aside from this doctors must have a unique set of skills which not just ‘anybody’ possesses and they must be able to work incredibly hard to be able to achieve the position of a doctor in the first place. The pressure which a doctor carries with them each and every day is another reason why they are so handsomely rewarded financially and they have to earn every single dollar which they receive. The biggest earners amongst doctors and medical professionals are the specialists because of the fact that there are fewer of them than general doctors.

Chief Executive Officer

And finally, the Chief Executive Officers, the powerful men and women who head up the board of some of the world most prestigious companies and some of the richest people on earth. Some CEOs get to their position by working up through the company ladder and others get there off the back of their own idea, however these CEOs have got there is irrelevant with regard to the roles which they play in the running of big businesses. Each day they must make huge decisions involving millions of dollars and decisions that can affect many lives, the CEO is responsible for the success and the failure of the company and they have shareholders and staff to keep happy. Fo this reason they are rewarded so handsomely and why they do in fact become some of the world’s richest people.