3 Ways To Make Your Child’s Birthday Special While Practicing Social Distancing

Although many people aren’t as worried about social distancing as they were before, people who are or have loved ones within populations vulnerable to severe COVID-19 symptoms may find that they’re still just as vigilant about staying away from people outside of their immediate family. And while this can help to keep you safe and healthy physically, it can also make things emotionally hard at times like birthdays, especially for young children who may not understand what’s going on in the world.

If you have a child who’s birthday is coming up but won’t be able to have a traditional birthday party like in the past, here are three ways you can make your child’s birthday special while practicing social distancing. 

Do A Drive-By Birthday Party

Just because your child can’t get close to people physically for their birthday doesn’t mean that they still can’t see their friends and loved ones. 

One great way to get some social interaction and see people in person without getting too close is to have a drive-by birthday party. This is done by having a set time where you and your child are outside of your home. Ideally, you should try to decorate your front yard with signs, balloons, and streamers as part of your celebration. Then, invite your child’s friends to drive by and wave, sing songs, shoot silly string, throw balloons, or any other fun thing that can be done from a car. This way, your child can celebrate with their friends, even if it’s just for a short time. 

Use The Power Of Zoom

If your child is wanting a little more quality time with their friends or family members as they celebrate their birthday, you can take advantage of the power of Zoom or other video chatting services.

To make things even more special, Brianna Sharpe, a contributor to Today’s Parent, suggests sending a birthday kit to everyone who will be a part of the Zoom party. Then, your child can do birthday activities and eat a birthday treat at the same time as their friends, even though everything is taking place at each person’s own home. 

Give Them A “Yes Day”

Another fun way you can celebrate your child’s birthday while social distancing is to embrace the idea of a “Yes Day”. With a “Yes Day”, you commit to saying “Yes!” to anything your child wants to do.

Granted, Nicole Pelletiere, a contributor to Good Morning America, shares that you should have rules like not making any permanent decisions, only going a set distance away from home, and following normal rules about screen time or bedtime. But aside from this, having a birthday where your child is completely in charge could be a great way to celebrate. 

If your child is going to be having a birthday while your family is social distancing, consider using the tips mentioned above to not let this special day go to waste.