How to manage and improve your relationship during lockdown

Relationships, regardless of type, are notoriously tough to navigate. All interaction with other people is usually fraught with potential problems requiring a level of skill to manage. This quality in human interaction becomes exaggerated when we come in close proximity, making lockdown very difficult for many relationships. But if you recognize this and consciously tackle it, you might come out of lockdown with your relationship even stronger. Here are a few things to consider.


The current pandemic has no doubt turned the concept of normality on its head. Most ways that have been recommended to deal with this fact focus on trying to maintain some normality in the face of extraordinary stress. Like most things in life however, the best approach is one of balance. It is important that partners accept the overwhelming difficulty they face and communicate honestly about it. This helps to take the pressure off both partners and make clear the necessity of developing a different approach to your relationship that is compatible with the new reality. Rather than fight to keep things the same, let go instead and find ways to adjust to the present situation.

Find distractions

No matter how much you enjoy spending time with your family, there’ll be times when you just need to be by yourself. Lockdown has made this an almost impossible prospect and the constant proximity is taking a toll on many people. Finding something that you can get lost in is important for the health of your relationship as it provides a retreat and space to breathe. Be it long neglected hobbies, zoom meetings with mates, fixing things around the house, or a long walk; anything engaging and time-consuming offers the much needed getaway.

Be considerate

Any human relationship, romantic or not, can be improved by being considerate. In fact, it can be argued that considering the feelings of others is the bare minimum for successful human interaction. While it is expected that partners should always be considerate towards one another, being stuck indoors together for weeks means additional effort must be made.

Some things that might be overlooked at other times could become intolerable if care is not taken. If, for instance, you smoke and your partner doesn’t, consider that they might be uncomfortable with the smell of cigarettes in the house and take advantage of alternatives to smoking such as Snusdirect. This might even lead to you quitting smoking entirely, which will be a boost to your relationship. At every turn, check with your partner to see how comfortable they are with whatever actions you take. All might look good on the surface while resentment brews beneath.

While the ongoing pandemic had led to break-ups, divorce, and increased mental stress in some relationships, it has also led to increased intimacy and stronger bonds in others. There’s no template for handling the issues that have surfaced but making a determined effort to improve your relationship goes a long way.