4 Tips to Safe and Enjoyable Online Dating

Online Dating

When it comes to the world of online dating, it can oftentimes best be described as a jungle out there.

For the countless men and women engaging in online dating, most will come away from their experiences with little to worry about.

Sure, they may not meet the right individual, but it is chance to get out there and see if one has chemistry with someone. Even if a romantic relationship does not take off, there is always the possibility of a new friendship blossoming.

That said there are those occasional experiences that do not turn out entirely well.

In rare instances, a situation can turn violent, though those tend to be in the minority.

Now, what happens if you meet someone through online dating and discover they’re not truly who they claim to be?

While some feelings may be hurt in many cases, such occasions can prove to be costly in terms of getting scammed etc.

With that being the case, are you doing all you can to make sure your online dating experiences are as safe and enjoyable as possible?

Do Your Research Before Accepting a Date

While you’re likely not going to spend hours and hours researching someone before meeting them over a cup of coffee or a stroll in a public park, you should do a little background checking (see more below) on those you are interested in meeting.

Among the ideas to keep in mind prior to agreeing to meet someone:

  1. Background checks – You could turn to the option of researching free public records, looking to see if someone claiming to be single and available for online data is in fact just that. If they’re divorced, there very well could be a record of that online, showing they are in fact what they claim to be. Unfortunately, there have been those men and women who don’t play by the rules, trying to score dates while still being legally married. As mentioned a moment ago, while hurt feelings is oftentimes the most likely outcome, some individuals will take things to another extreme if they’ve been purposefully lied to;
  1. Your desired results – Are you looking to meet someone just to hang out with or potentially be in a serious relationship with? Once again, being upfront with what you are searching for is important. Unfortunately, too many daters (of both sexes) play games with the people they meet. They may say they want a relationship, yet all of their actions will point to being a serial dater. Spell it out in your online ad and also your own words you speak when talking to and hopefully finally meeting others (see more below).

Where You Meet is Important

  1. Play it safe on meeting location – Although you might be inclined to meet your online date in a romantic spot that doesn’t tend to have lots of people around, don’t do it. You’re always better off meeting out in public, something that is true even if you’ve talked with one another on the phone multiple times, shared emails and texts etc. Even when it sounds like there is a true connection, best to play it safe and be sure he or she is all they’re reportedly cracked up to be;
  1. Be honest when all is said and done – Lastly, always be honest with your date when all is said and done. It can be hard after only one date to know whether or not there are any feelings or if the chemistry just is not there. In many cases, a second date would be appropriate to better assess the situation. Either way, don’t lead someone on, especially given the fact you likely would not want to be treated that way either.

If online dating is something you have not truly experienced in recent years, is this the year you give it a try?