5 great things to do if visiting London for a short stay

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom and it sure is a great place to visit. Something than can often be difficult when visiting a huge city is knowing where to start or maybe not knowing what there is to do. Due to the size of London, it´s extremely easy to walk around the whole day and miss out on actually seeing anything monumental. Take a look at 5 great things you can experience during your short stay in London:

The nightlife

London’s nightlife is world famous, some people even travel from all over europe just to come for nights out in London. If arriving sometime in the afternoon, the first thing you should do is find your hotel, get checked in and get ready for a night out. London has a huge amount of of bars, clubs and pubs that are all in different styles and with their unique perks. Heading on down to leicester square is a place you may encounter some celebrities but remember to bring your wallet as the drinks can be quite expensive! You may even be able to get lucky on your first night, but if not, visit www.cleopatraexcorts.co.uk to ensure a great end to a fantastic night out.

Big Ben

Big ben is the perfect place to see at least once in your life, it´s one of the most well known and famous british landmarks so don’t miss it while you’re there. It´s located close to the houses of parliament which means that if the weather holds out you can get an ice cream or indulge in the local food carts nearby and marvel at the fantastic architecture of Big Ben.


Stonehenge is not in central London, but there are plenty of buses which offer travel and tours of the mysterious landmark. It´s a great opportunity to have some quiet time outside of the city and experience the gorgeous british countryside. Ensure that you don´t forget to book the trip on a nice day or at least bring a warm and rainproof outfit, Britain is famous for its terrible weather after all!

The London Eye

Located right next to the River Thames is also the London Eye, a huge ferris wheel which gives you a luxurious ride around and giving you some excellent views of London. The carts can fit a good amount of people in them and depending on which service you request you can even have champagne in order to enjoy the view that little bit better. Taking a ride on the London Eye is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Enjoy the cuisine

The food and restaurants in London are like no other place in the world, you can eat absolutely anything that you want. Going down to Camden Market you can try some food that you would never normally get to try. Don’t settle for some sort of fast food chain while you are in London, always try restaurants or foods that are new to you.

As you can see, London has some great things to do, but there is a ton more things you can experience. Use the London Underground to get yourself around rather than using taxi´s so you can save your money for the food and tours. Enjoy your stay!