Deciding on a career for life

Deciding on what career to study for or to start a life in can be an extremely difficult dilemma. This career is the one you will most likely be doing for the rest of your life and you will be putting a great amount of effort into it in order to become successful. Take a look at some of the following considerations when choosing or changing to a new career.

Earning potential and future of field

Consider the earning potential of the career before you commence and also consider the future of the roles. Some people a long time ago studied geography in the hope of running or owning a lucrative travel agency, when the internet came along it took many of them out of business. In terms of money, consider searching your city, town or state´s job market data, for example if you are in NYC, look at employment data in NYC and ensure you consider and are happy with the starting salaries available and the peak salaries being given.

Considering how life changes

Something you may love to do at the minute is travel, and getting paid to travel sounds like a great opportunity if you are an 18 years old college student, however, think about the future before you decide that a career traveling is something you want to do forever because maybe in the future you will want a family and children, and a career traveling certainly makes it extremely difficult to be a good parent, depending on the frequency of your travel. Consider everything!

Cost of studying

Some roles require that you study at a more prestigious and expensive college in order to even stand a chance to get a job in the field, this may not be possible for all people and in some cases completely unaffordable. If you decide to go all the way and go for it anyway, consider that the role is worth it and if it pays well

Consider the role itself, will you enjoy it?

Job satisfaction is actually one of the most important things for having a happy life. If someone hates their job, it´s quite common that they are depressed. Why is this? It´s because a job takes up a huge portion of your life, you spend at least eight hours a day their. Consider before you do anything if you will enjoy the job or not, in some cases, it’s not even worth the money if it’s making you sad and depressed.

Talk to people in the field you are considering

A great way to see if you will like the role is to ask people who are working in, ask a few people rather than one so that you can get more diverse opinions but doing this will give you a great amount of information and help you make your mind up.

The decision is down to you, hopefully reading this will give you some idea of what to consider when choosing or changing to a new role.