Best TV Series to Binge Watch on Netflix 

If you are looking for a new TV series to get your teeth into this year then we have some absolute crackers for you that you will not want to stop watching. I try to limit my Netflix sessions these days and usually my buddy Matthew F Knouff and I will spend a day every couple of weeks, getting our TV fix. I have been through a fair amount of TV series and so I wanted to share with you some of my favorites, if you haven’t yet seen them, I’d urge you to get involved.

The Crown

Currently on its second season, The Crown charts the rise of Queen Elizabeth the 2nd from her unexpected ascension to the throne, up until the current day. Throughout the series we see the might of the Royal Family, the difficulties of the lives of people such as Prince Phillip and Princess Margaret, as well as the struggles that the Queen herself went through. This series sees some exceptional performances from the likes of John Lithgow, Claire Foy and Matt Smith as the tell this fascinating tale.

Designated Survivor

With the second season on its way, now is the perfect time to get your teeth stuck into this fantastic series featuring, and directed by, Kiefer Sutherland. The premise of the show is that Sutherland’s character must assume the role of President of the USA after an attack killed almost the entire government. As designated survivor, Sutherland must seek to bring about justice and change after taking the reins in an unlikely scenario. The series is extremely gripping and it will keep you guessing right the way through.

House of Cards

So far there are 5 seasons of this series on Netflix and its success has been staggering. Throughout this series you will see Frank Underwood and his wife Claire, played by Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, as they seek to take control of the government. The Underwood’s are not to be messed with and we more than once see the power that they yield as they look to reach that most coveted position of them all, leader of the free world. This series is full of shocks and surprises, ruthlessness and incredible scriptwriting, plus with 5 series to watch, it makes fro the perfect binge session.


Now reaching its final series, Suits is a masterpiece a TV show and one which you will want to watch again and again. Follow enigmatic attorney Harvey Spector as he stylishly dispatches opponents who threaten him or his firm. Spector’s side kick is Mike Ross, a man with a photographic memory who faces constant threats as he is practicing law without a license. The series delves deep into the characters, beyond their law firm, and we watch each of them transform throughout the series. Men want to be him, girls want to be with him, Harvey Spector is a cool cat that you can’t help but love.