Cash Myricks – Digital Marketing Strategies Your Business Needs to Invest In

If this year has shown us anything it is the clear value of investing digital marketing for businesses. I watch d webinar last week hosted by the fantastic Cash Myricks and among other things he was discussing the fact that for any business, no matter what its size is, investing in digital marketing was absolutely critical to success. Now digital marketing is of course a blanket term for a huge array of options in terms of strategy and today we are going to take a look into which of those strategies you and your business should really be looking to focus on. 

Email Marketing 

If you have heard anyone talk about email marketing and saying that it is outdated or that it can no longer provide levels of success then it is important that you ignore this. The fact of the matter is that email marketing may not be able to deliver a high quality result as it once did, but to say that it is ineffective is simply not true. The reality is that email marketing can form a critical arm of your overall marketing campaign and this is certainly something which you should be looking to invest time and money into. 

Social Media Campaigns

It is true that you can run a social media campaign without investing any money but if you are really looking to get success then the smartest option is to give this your time, money and attention. Social media not only offers you an enormous audience to market to, but you can also drill right down to your target customer and promote your ads directly to them. There is no other platform which allows you direct access to the demographic that you believe will enjoy your products more than others. 

Promotional Marketing 

Promotional marketing is low cost and will offer a very high return indeed. This is not particularly a new strategy of course but the use of it from a digital marketing point of view has given a new lease of life to this old model. Using sites such as Groupon you can offer a low cost product, usually a product with profits removed, and in doing this you can entice those customers to come back to your store in the future. Given the current climate we are seeking many businesses shift to offering a charitable donation for each product purchased, a sensitive and a smart marketing move. 


Given how much time people are spending at home at the moment, social media usage has gone through the roof and many influencers are seeing more followers than ever before. You can capitalize on this and pay influencers to promote your products for you. This can be a risk but the key is to get the right influencers in the right niche, send them some free stuff and negotiate a payment, then just watch the amount of people who come to your business afterwards.