Charles D’Angelo Program Cost – Why Fitness Has No Price

I happened upon a post recently on Facebook about how the Charles D’Angelo program cost was so worth the life changing results his coaching provided. For me there is no price that I wouldn’t pay in order to get my health at its peak levels, although it’s down to each individual to decide how much to invest depending on their individual circumstances. Having said that, here is why I believe that fitness has no price.

Up To You 

As I have just mentioned it is important to remember that nobody is forcing you to spend money which you don’t have in order to stay fit. In fact you can do so much without even spending a penny, after all it costs you nothing to go for a run in the park or to get some exercise done at home. If it comes down to food then the idea that healthy food is more expensive has been dispelled time and time again and the truth is that in the long term, it works out cheaper. 

Health Costs 

If you get diabetes or you need medical attention for issues which are related to you being unhealthy or overweight then for me that is a spend which I just don’t want to be making. I would prefer to spend more money each month on some great food which keeps me healthy than to live unhealthily and then face untold levels of charges in the future which I have to pay to hospitals, and it is amazing that people don’t equate the two. So many people believe that getting ill is bad luck and whilst that is true for a large section of people, in reality there are a lot of those people who have caused this because of their unhealthy lifestyle. 

Look and Feel Great 

When you have been working hard and you are in great shape there is a real buzz about you, a confidence from within that honestly I could not put a price on. When I feel that way I feel on top of my life, I feel organized and that I can truly concentrate on what I want. This feeling also helps me to beat and minimize stress which is of course a cause for consternation amongst many. Feeling great can cost whatever it needs to, I’ll still be paying it if I can. 

Ultimately there is no excuse not to be in good shape and feeling healthy, and that doesn’t mean that you have to look ‘perfect. Feeling healthy is about putting good things into your body and ensuring that you are able to get enough exercise each day to maintain a  healthy weight. You don’t have to look like a body builder here, just someone who is healthy and happy, and that is something which money can’t buy.