4 Types of Popular Online Slots

The range of slot games that online casino enthusiasts have access to these days is phenomenal, and there many different kinds. It would be a difficult task to describe every variant of online slot game, however there are four evident categories of very popular casino slots. These can be described as video slots, classic slots, progressive slots and mega spins slots. Within each category, the variants extend further, providing very different games both functionally and aesthetically for players to enjoy. This is why many premium online casinos, such as Gold Rush Slots, offer large games catalogues which include a huge variation of unique and exciting games. If you’re unsure of which type of slot game is right for you, find out more below and you’ll soon be on your way from slots amateur to slots grand master!

Video Slots Games

The single most popular type of online slot game, online gamblers will find video slots at most, if not all, online casinos. The development process of video slots seemingly knows no bounds, and these titles come in an abundance of themes, with a plethora of gameplay features, bonus rounds, special effects and animations, sound effects and much, much more. Prepare for many visual delights when you explore the realm of video slots. They often appear with 5 reels and varying numbers of paylines, sometimes in their hundreds or thousands. Themes can range from TV shows, musicians and movies to sci-fi, adventure, nature and more. Video slots often offer the whole package, therefore it’s no surprise that they are astonishingly popular with casino players.

Classic Online Slots

Despite the soaring popularity of video slots, classic slots also remain a firm fixture at most virtual casinos. For many players, the nostalgia that comes with playing classic slots is matchless. These traditional online slots are very much based on the old-fashioned fruit machine, or one-armed bandit. Visually, you can expect plenty of colourful fruity symbols, bells and BAR symbols, plus fewer reels and number of pay lines. As a result, classic slot games are often significantly simpler to play in comparison to video slots which can offer an abundance of bonus games and sometimes complex features.

Progressive Slots

Many slot games are enjoyable to play, but those with large jackpots can be even more sensational. Progressive online slot games are hugely popular, and for good reason; whenever a bet is placed, a proportion of it goes into the grand jackpot pot. Of course, one fortunate player will end up winning the huge cash prize, and for some progressive slots, the grand prize can be a life-changing sum.

Mega Spins Slot Games

If complex slot games don’t faze you and you like a challenge, the fourth category of casino slot could be the type for you. Mega spins slots can have anything between 3 and 9 games spinning simultaneously, providing ample opportunity to hit the big prizes. These exciting games certainly get the adrenaline going, and well worth a try if you think you can handle the excitement!


There are 4 main types of popular online slots, each offering enough variants within each category to suit all kinds of slots players. It’s worth noting that many slots and casino games can also be played for free in order for players to test features and gameplay before betting real money. This is a great method for trying out games and to gamble responsibly.

What can we expect in the future? As online slots continue to grow and develop in line with new technology, it’s possible that casino fans will be playing virtual-reality slots in the near future!