The Advantages of Choosing a Small Business Attorney


Choosing a Small Business Attorney is easier when you know what to look for...

The world of the small business today is a very aggressive one. Just as soon as one or two new businesses get off the ground there are just as many that may be closing up shop because they were not able to make a go of it for one reason or another. Often businesses run into issues right from the start and realize they did not go through the business formation process the right way and may not have set themselves up properly, leaving them open to difficult tax and personal liabilities that can drive them out of business. Choosing a small business attorney that is squarely on your side can provide you with a number of advantages that you need right from the start, including:

  • Business Formation – The type of entity that you choose when starting your own business can have ramifications on your entire business. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC), a non-profit corporation or another type of corporation can have a big effect on your tax status and what you may be personally responsible for should you ever get sued for any reason. When you work with a business formation attorney or an LLC partnership attorney Austin, TX has available today you can get the proper input from an experienced professional so you will know you choose the right type of entity for your circumstances.


  • Prepared for Suits – No one likes the idea of having to go through a lawsuit but the worst that can happen to you as a small business owner is that you find yourself being served with papers and have never talked to a lawyer before. All of a sudden you find yourself under the gun trying to find an attorney in a short amount of time to help you. If you take the time to get a quality small business attorney Austin has today when you are starting your business you will have someone on your side to help you before you even get in the situation where papers are going to be served.


  • Contracts – No matter what type of business you may find yourself involved in, somewhere along the line there are going to be contracts involved. This can be for lease agreements for property, contracts with vendors, employment agreements, partnership contracts, service agreements for equipment and much more. There may be contracts for you to sign and to issue, and when you have a lawyer there to help you it can make negotiations and reviewing contracts much easier and less stressful for you.

It only makes sense for you when you are starting a small business to make sure that you consult and work with and experienced attorney so you can be sure you get the best advice possible moving forward on a variety of issues. For a top business attorney Austin offers today, seek out the Law Office of Jack Quentin Nichols so you can be sure you get an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to work with you.