Charles Phillips Focused On Amazon Web Services

Infor is now focused on differentiating themselves from all the other market service providers. This is all dictated by Charles Phillips role at Infor, leading the company towards migrate customers to the cloud based suite of applications. They are basically standard platforms with consistent user interface, all completely hosted on the cloud and centered around the industries that they are created for. Phillips does offer something that is perfect for those that want to store data, use data and have a system that is easily integrated in the business.



What is quite interesting is that Charles Phillips always saw Infor as being the largest startup in the world. That is mainly because of the entire transformation that took place during his leadership. Everything transformed, in a similar way to what we see with startups.

The Focus On Amazon Web Services

Infor stands out as being committed to the cloud. Charles Phillips did announce the partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services), a move that clearly dictates the direction in which he wants to go with the company. The cloud giant basically manages to offer the main infrastructure necessary. Combining this with the various different acquisitions made in the past few years, we have access to a really interesting service combination that is perfect for the retail market.

Phillips uses the services offered by AWS in an attempt to keep costs really low for the business clients. This is something of high importance. Business managers from all around the world are interested in gaining access to cloud based applications. Using cloud support offered by AWS simply makes it really easy to deliver a service that manages to offer really high quality at costs that are much lower than expected.

Regular customers that Infor had often mentioned that they are interested in moving to the cloud. They actually did this as soon as the services became available. To make matters even more interesting, we are faced with constant improvements to the entire CloudSuite list of applications offered by Infor. It is definitely interesting to notice services that are developed for specific industries. You can easily look at options like applications designed for the fashion industry companies or for Food and Beverage industry companies. We even see the CloudSuite offering specific services for HCM, CRM, supply chain management and aerospace or defense.

On the whole, we have to acknowledge the fact that Phillips’ leadership managed to completely change the company. It moved from a rather small business to one that has over 70,000 worldwide customers. It is not at all difficult to understand why many see Infor as number 3 on the list of software vendors in the ERP market.

Whether or not AWS will be the winning gamble is something that remains to be seen. However, it should come as no surprise to see the great results that exist right now. Infor is growing in popularity and power. Charles Phillips is studied in schools now and it is really easy to understand why this is the case.