Common Types of Chronic Pain

There are many Common Types of Chronic Pain that affect people everyday
Photo by CC user Joe Loong on Flickr

For sufferers of chronic pain, each day can be a struggle. Here are a few common types of chronic pain that if not managed, can be a serious problem in your life.


Back pain is the number one reason in the world for disability and one of the most severe types of chronic pain. The causes of back pain are varied, including all types workplace stresses, sports injuries, accidents, and heavy lifting accidents. If you are a sufferer of back pain you know how difficult it can be to find a suitable and effective treatment. For those seeking back pain treatment in Michigan or other states which cater to both rural and urban clients, you should look for a professional to help get you relief from your chronic back pain.


Shoulder pain can one of the most depilating types of chronic pain. We often don’t realize how much we rely on our shoulders until we have an injury. Arthritis, Bursitis, and torn rotator cuffs are some of the common causes of chronic shoulder pain. Pinched nerves can also be a cause of chronic shoulder pain. The symptoms of shoulder pain can range from soreness, stiffness, to complete immobility and crippling pain. If you are experiencing shoulder pain, don’t prolong your suffering and visit a medical professional to help you get a handle on this chronic pain.


Humans are nature’s only bipedal creature, this is thanks in large part due to our hips. Hips are what allow us to walk; therefore chronic hip pain can take away our ability to walk. This can range from slowing us down due to pain to complete immobility. Losing the ability to do the things you love and lessening your independence are some of the most emotionally dramatic parts of chronic hip pain. A sudden fall or other accidents are often the causes of hip pain and it can be compounded by other factors such as arthritis or obesity. Thankfully given today’s modern medicines, there are an increasing number of options for those suffering a diminished life due to chronic hip pain.


For many, no pain is worse than neck pain. This is in part due to how often and instinctually we use our neck and head. When driving, chatting, walking, or even watching TV, we are constantly often without knowing it, moving our necks. For sufferers of chronic neck pain each movement can be excruciating. Everyone deserves to be happy and healthy so if you are living with chronic neck pain be sure to contact a medical professional to get started on treatments towards to chronic pain free life.

While these are just a few of the most common types of chronic pain, there are countless more. Pain is a deeply personal thing and affects us all differently. Often a sufferer of chronic pain will look healthy to others but inside they are struggling with immense pain. Thankfully modern medicine is giving hope to those suffering from chronic pain.