Your Personal Brand: How to Boost it for Business

Once upon a time, it was all about donning a smart suit and turning up to work a few minutes early. Now, there’s so much more when it comes to making a striking impression at work.

In fact, experts in the field have even coined a term for the subject, and it goes by the name of “personal branding”.

In other words, there are various means and ways you can carve your own brand, and ultimately boost your chances of succeeding in the workplace. Through today’s post, we will take a look at some of the key areas you should focus on to improve this for yourself.

Your appearance matters

Like it or not, your appearance is something that can make or break this personal brand. You don’t have to be naturally beautiful by any stretch of the imagination, but simply shopping shrewdly and putting together a suitable wardrobe is going to hold you in good stead in the workplace.

Sometimes, it’s the little things that can help as well. For example, for guys, it might be simply making sure their shirt is ironed properly every day. At the same time, it doesn’t always have to revolve around your garments. Your beauty regime is just as important, and a trip to Covent Garden to explore this might be advisable so you can understand what works the best for your personality.

Knowledge is power

Something that is much different from the previous point is your level of knowledge. Simply possessing knowledge about your chosen industry is something that can work miracles and showcase your talents when it comes to your workplace.

This isn’t the time where you need to go off and research high-level qualifications (although these can help as well). When we talk about knowledge, sometimes it is just about attending conferences and even reading, just to give yourself that extra edge and propel you above others.

Stay on top of your behaviour

This next point is all about how you conduct yourself. While the aesthetic elements of personal branding often grab the headlines, let’s not forget that your basic behaviour does as well. Arrogance and showboating are two things that you should definitely avoid, and simply being courteous and an all-around nice person can go a long way in the business environment.

Sure, it might not be a stereotype associated with business leaders, but in terms of progressing through your career, acting responsibly is one of the easiest ways you can make a lasting impression.

Your body language tells a thousand words

Body language is something that has become more and more understood over the years, with many studies claiming that it is the most important method in which we communicate.

While you might not think anything of standing with your arms crossed, in reality, this is utterly defensive. In truth, the list could go on, and even though you might not mean to be negative with your body language, you need to be careful. Give the wrong side, and someone’s whole perception of you can be tarnished.