Controlling arthritis through natural remedies

Once upon a time the medical industry almost looked down at ancient healing techniques, or alternative medicines as they are known to some. Now, more and more people are taking notice, as there are a huge number of success stories which validate them. In the case of arthritis, it’s becoming more common than ever to turn to these alternative methods in a bid to rid themselves of the troublesome condition.

However, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution here – there are actually umpteen different natural remedies that can treat arthritis. While Dr. Pankaj Naram might have one preference, someone else may try something else. It means there’s a lot to choose from, as we take a look at some of the most common natural arthritis remedies in detail.


Aloe Vera

Truth be told, if you were to analyze natural remedies for most conditions, aloe vera would probably be included at some point. This has become one of the go-to ingredients and considering the fact that its been used to treat arthritis for centuries, it’s safe to say that it’s an ancient but successful method.

The reasoning behind this choice is simple; aloe vera is known to reduce inflammation in the body. This isn’t something that “might” happen either, various scientific studies have shown this – with one of the most recent published in 2014.


This is perhaps one of the ingredients that is going to raise eyebrows. Most of us will tuck into licorice as a tasty snack, but some of the evidence behind this food is quite simply staggering. One study, which was again published in 2014, showed that licorice had more of an impact against arthritis than Ibuprofen.

The only word of caution here relates to those of you who might be taking medication related to your blood pressure. Licorice has been known to hinder their effectiveness, so it’s in these instances where you need to be a little careful.

Olive oil

One of the more “everyday ingredients” comes in the form of olive oil. It’s worth mentioning that the advice here isn’t to drink it as a liquid, but instead just replace butter with it when you are cooking.

The reason behind the effectiveness of olive oil is due to oleocanthal which is found within it. This substance has been found to work in the same way as a lot of drugs that are usually taken for arthritis, in the way that it battles inflammation. From a technical sense, it means that your COX-1 and COX-2 enzymes are not producing as much, which is crucial as these tend to cause inflammation in our bodies.


So far, all of the ingredients we have looked at tend to be taken orally. In the case of myrrh, this isn’t the case.

Ancient medicine has suggested that this ingredient is one of the best at beating inflammation, and has been used for centuries in the Middle East. Several recent journal publications have backed up its effectiveness as well.

This time, you’ll simply apply a small amount of myrrh into your affected joints to experience the relief.