Optima Tax Relief Reviews What Last-Minute Tax Filers Should Know

If you haven’t yet filed your tax returns, there are a few things you should know about the different tools and resources available for you. In the following article, Optima Tax Relief reviews the services taxpayers can access to file their taxes before the deadline expires.

Although the federal tax filing deadline has been extended, many taxpayers will still be filing their returns on the due date. If you are going to be among the filers submitting a tax return on July 15th, here are some of the services that can help you make the process easier, more accurate, and more efficient.

The Internal Revenue Service provides tax assistance 24 hours per day via the irs.gov website. If you are preparing your tax return or paying an outstanding tax debt, the IRS provides support to filers on any tax-related issue. There is also an automated tool called “the Interactive Tax Assistant” that can answer both common and complex tax questions.

If you are eligible, there are numerous resources that allow you to prepare and file your return for free. The options include:

  • The IRS Free File tool, available to taxpayers whose earnings amount to $69,000 or less, offers access to free software for tax preparation.
  • Using the Free File Fillable Forms available on the irs.gov website. This is an option for taxpayers whose incomes exceed $66,000 and who are capable of preparing their own tax returns.
  • Using commercially available tax software products to file tax returns electronically using IRS authorized platforms.
  • (For members of the U.S. Armed Forces and veterans) Using the U.S. Department of Defense’s free tax resources to prepare and file taxes.

For those expecting a tax refund, there are options that can help ensure faster tax return processing and therefore faster issuing of refunds. One of these options is selecting the direct deposit option when filing electronically. Here is what you should know about opting for direct deposit:

  • Ninety percent of all tax refunds are issued in under 21 days.
  • The fastest and most efficient way of checking on a tax refund is by using the online Where’s My Refund tool on the IRS website.
  • The information posted on the Where’s My Refund tool is updated daily.

For more information about tax filing services, please visit the irs.gov website.

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