Dr. Bruce G. Fagel – How To Reclaim Your Mental Wellbeing

There is absolutely no doubt that many of us have struggled over the last 12 months with regards to our mental wellbeing. During this time we have seen experts in the industry like Dr. Bruce G. Fagel discussing what we could do about this during lockdown, and they have certainly helped many. All that we have been able to do during that time however was our best, but there is no doubt about the fact that we are now moving back into the world with difficulty. 

As lockdowns end and businesses open back up again, it is critical that we all have an understanding as to what we can do about our own mental wellbeing. If you have been struggling, here is how to reclaim it. 


The main reason why so many of us struggled in the last year is that our routine has been thrown into disarray. This is why it is absolutely critical that you do what you can to once again kickstart a routine for yourself. Going to bed at the same hour and waking up at the same time is the perfect bookend to this. What you should be looking to do is follow these small details  like eating and exercising, and doing them at the same time each day, this is what gives our lives structure. 


Making sure that you exercise for just 30 minutes per day is going to not only help your physical health, but it will also help with your mental health. When we exercise we release chemicals in the body called endorphins, these are feel-good chemicals and they are why you get that buzz after a workout. Not only this, but the better shape that you are in, the better you will feel about yourself. 

Speaking Out 

One of the most important things for anyone who is struggling with their mental wellbeing, is that they have someone with whom they can talk to about it. Speaking about emotions and feelings is one of the most critical aspects of this. It is important therefore that you seek out a friend or a family member who you feel comfortable talking to about your feelings. If you fail to do this then emotions get bottled up and they can become buried deep in your mind. This causes a great deal of problems down the road which is why now is the best time to talk about it. 

Finding Your Relaxation Space

Relaxation doesn’t mean sitting on the sofa watching TV, it could do if that is where you feel relaxed, but you could find many ways of actually relaxing. This is critical for your stress levels and it is important that you try out different things which really relax you and make you feel at ease. For some it is family time, for others it may be exercise and for some it could be meditation. There are many ways to relax, you just need to find your own way.