Getting Ready to Bring Your Pet Home

Whatever pet you’ve chosen, there’s lots of getting ready to do before you can bring them home to you. You need to make sure you’re ready: that you’ve created a safe, secure environment for them so you can start building a good relationship with them. Today we’re taking a look at some of the ways you can get ready to bring home your new pet.


The first step is research: you need to learn about what your pet needs, where you can get expert help, and where to find the support all pet owners need from time to time. Don’t be content with just finding a standard vet: make sure you know where an out of hours vet is in case you have an out of hours crisis. Find out where to go in an emergency early on, and keep that information safe. Finding an online veterinarian is another useful step that can help get you advice when you really need it.

It’s also worth looking into groups for owners and breeders, from official clubs to online forums and Facebook pages. These are vital resources to help you with beginner’s questions, recommendations for everything from food to good vets, and the moral support you’ll need in difficult times. 

Building an environment

You need to create the right environment  for your pet, and have it ready for them when they arrive. The work that goes into this will be different depending on the species – fish have very different needs to cats, for example! – but it’s equally important whatever your pet is.

For many animals, it’s important for them to have a safe space to retreat to. The move to a new home and attention from new people can be overwhelming, so whether it’s a box, a bed, a hutch or a pool, allow your new pet the option of privacy, and respect it when they repeat.

Putting together a home environment for your new pet shouldn’t be a last minute affair: you need time to know everything works as it should so set it up well in advance. If you find it out the litter tray you ordered is broken five minutes before your new cat arrives you’ll be in trouble so give yourself a day or two to make sure everything is right. This is even more important for pets like lizards, snakes and fish that need a carefully balanced environment. If a heat lamp doesn’t work or a pump fails, your pet could be in serious trouble, so make sure doubly sure all those key bits of equipment at working properly well in advance of bringing your new pet home.