Experiences and Amenities To Expect in Short Term Apartment Rentals

If you plan to head away on vacation or for work and you are looking at short term apartment rentals, there is a certain level of amenities which you should always expect. One of the biggest reasons why we chose these kinds of properties over the likes of hotels, is that they are able to offer an environment which ultimately is like a home from home. What contributes towards this feeling of a home from home are amenities which enable us to live life away, that little bit more comfortably. 

When you are searching for some great short term rentals, these are the minimum things which you should be expecting. 

Kitchen Area

The kitchen is one of the most important aspect about short term rentals and it is critical that you ensure that you have a great place to cook and eat. Sometimes this kind of amenity is just about a time saver, making a sandwich for lunch instead of heading out, or putting a pizza in the oven for a convenient evening meal. You should ensure that not only do you have a kitchen, but that it is one which is well stocked. So often we see these places which offer nothing by way of utensil and cooking tools. 

Washing Machine/ Laundry 

If you are staying in the rental for any more than a few days then you should expect to have a fully functioning washing machine in the space. If you do not have this then at the very least you should have an on-site laundry. The last thing we need in a space like this is to have to find a local launderette when you need something cleaned quickly. This is even more true of those of you who will be traveling for work, and need to ensure that you are looking your best each day. 

Living Area

Be careful when you find a short term rental with a living area because very often you will find that these are shared. Now this is fine if that is what you are looking for, but many are guilty of not being up front about this, which of course is a real problem when you get there, if you just want to relax alone. 


Something which I have certainly learned in recent weeks is the importance of finding a spot which is not near a noisy district. For this reason you have to ensure that you are paying close attention to the reviews, because you can guarantee that someone will mention this. Being close to the action is one thing and that of course will make your stay much better. With this being said, the last thing you need is a nightclub below your apartment if you have to be up for meetings the next day. Always ensure that you read all of the reviews before you book up. 

Focus on the details now, so that you won’t have any problems when you arrive.