Kitchen Timer – 5 Devices That Can Help You Save Time Prepping Meals

It is 5:45 pm, and you are rushing in the door, juggling bags, a laptop, toddlers, shoes, drink bottles, and other miscellaneous items. You know you need to get dinner on the table fast, or it will break-down central. So, how will you go about getting a quick, easy, simple, and delicious meal on the table ASAP? These kitchen gadgets and gizmos might be your saving grace.

Induction Cooking

If you have an induction stovetop, you can cut the time it takes to heat your pot or pan in half. Induction cookware is heated directly through electromagnetic coils, rather than the stovetop heating up first and then transferring some of this heat to the cookware. This method not only makes it the speediest cooking option but also helps the pan maintain an even and consistent temperature. Plus, the stovetop doesn’t get hot, which could save your fingers when you’re in a rush, and keep trailing tea towels from catching on fire (quick apology to my friendly neighbors for the blaring smoke alarm going off last week). The cool stovetop also means that it is quick and easy to wipe down after cooking because spilled food doesn’t bake onto the surface.


This multi-tasking master of the kitchen can peel, it can slice, it can dice, it can julienne (which is a fancy way of saying cut food into long strips). The mandoline is a life-saver when you are rushing against the clock to chop carrots, peel potatoes, or whip up some zoodles (zucchini noodles for the uninitiated). This wonder gadget also makes homemade chips a breeze, and many offer crinkle and waffle cutting options for a bit of added pizzazz. 

Food Processor

A good quality food processor is a staple in the kitchen, handling a wide variety of prep tasks. You can use it to whip up dips like hummus, guacamole, and baba ghanoush. The preparation time for any simple cake or muffin recipe can be cut dramatically by throwing all ingredients into the food processor and missing them at once. Many ready-made and more expensive options like grated cheese or breadcrumbs can be made in minutes using a food processor, saving you time, money, and fridge space. It is the kind of kitchen appliance that you will find ever-more uses for the longer you own one!

Slow Cooker

My slow cooker is one of my all-time favorite kitchen gadgets for three reasons. First, most recipes allow you to throw everything in without a whole range of fiddly steps. Second, you can put it on well in advance of the pre-dinner rush hour. And third, you can cook in bulk and freeze lots of lovely meals to have on hand whenever you are too tired, too busy, and too stressed to cook. And we all know that slow-cooked food = loads of delicious flavors.

Kitchen Scissors or Shears

Have you ever been to a chicken shop and seen them chop up a chicken with a pair of kitchen shears? It is incredibly time-efficient. Kitchen scissors can also chop whole tomatoes while they are still in the tin, cut herbs straight into a pot that is bubbling on the stove, chop up bacon, or even slice a pizza. Just make sure you wash them thoroughly between each task!

With these tricks up your sleeve, you will be sliding dinner onto the table in record time. Hopefully, before anyone in the household succumbs to a hunger-induced tantrum on the kitchen floor!