Exploring the Different Branches of Medicine


As medicine has traveled through the ages and there have been such incredible advancements in terms of research and technology, the individual branches of medicine have grown to become more specified in terms which areas of the body they are looking at. Breaking medicine down into these small chunks means that we can have doctors and specialists who’s job it is to look in great detail and just a small area of the human body, this helps us to provide better diagnoses and treatment options. While we do still have general medicine, it is the specialists who are able to give us the true detail behind physical problems and conditions and today we are going total a look at just some of the branches of medicine which exist.


Oncology is the study and treatment of tumors and cancer, a horrific disease which affects one in every three people, there have been some major breakthroughs in recent years for many forms of cancer but we are still yet to understand how to successful treat and cure them all. Oncologists like James A Cannon are working on the front line with cancer patients and placing high priority on early diagnosis as it is here that the treatments which are available are most successful.


This important branch of medicine deals with the administration of drugs to induce a loss of sensation and consciousness. Anesthesiologists are specially trained in a wide range of agents which they can administer and they have a highly specialized position. When someone goes in to surgery for example, they are put to sleep but the agent which is given is not the same for all patients, anesthesiologists must take many factors into account before giving an agent and there is no room for error.


This is the study of childbirth and pregnancy and as you can imagine plays a key role in the daily lives of hospitals. Whilst much of the work with a patient falls on to the midwives such is there high level of skill, a doctor who specializes in Obstetrics will be on hand for any expecting mothers with problems or conditions as well as occasionally assisting with childbirth.


This broad branch of medicine focusses on the study of diseases of all natures and focusses on the causes, the effects and the nature of disease. As you may imagine, this is a branch of medicine which requires specialists to be highly knowledgeable about a broad range of diseases and they are consulted each and every day by specialists to discuss a wide range of conditions. Many of the disease that exist in the world today can be minimized and more easily treated through early diagnosis and the pressure is place on pathologists to highlight any early warning signs and seek for answers to any number of symptoms which the patient may show.