Is a DUI Going to Dry up Your Career?

Is a DUI Going to Dry up Your Career? Not if you get proper legal representation...

You’ve worked hard over the years to put together a stellar career. It now could be hanging in the balance due to your driving under the influence (DUI) arrest and then charges.

When you find your back up against the wall, reaching out to the right attorney is imperative.

He or she will work with you to fight such charges. Remember, those charges can have life-changing effects on you now and in the years to come.

Depending on the type of job you have, your current employer may not look too kindly on such charges. If you’re hoping to get a job elsewhere, the DUI hanging over your head can have a negative impact on your career too.

So, is it time to call a DUI attorney?

Finding the Best Available Legal Help

In your search to find the best criminal defense help out there, work some options. Among these:

· Internet – Given the popularity of Google, it is no surprise the Internet is a go-to source for millions. As more attorneys and lawyers gravitate to the web, you are more than likely going to find the help you need online.

· Friends – Whether a DUI charge or another matter, there’s a chance some of your friends have needed legal help. As such, you can also turn to them for advice. One of them may have the legal counsel exactly suited to help you overturn a DUI charge.

· Advertisements – Even with Internet marketing, many legal pros rely on TV and radio ads. That said you could very well end up meeting your soon-to-be DUI attorney/lawyer through a TV ad. When you see such an ad, it might include a testimonial from a satisfied client or two. Watch and listen to learn more about that legal pro. They may end up being the right choice for you.

Fighting for Your Present and Future

As you look to keep your career moving ahead, know that a DUI conviction could get in the way of things.

First, your employer may have second thoughts about his or her trust in you moving forward. If you meet with clients, will your employer trust you to show up sober for those meetings? If driving a company car to meet clients or make deliveries, will that DUI conviction hang over your head?

The more you can do to get a DUI arrest and charge removed from your record the better.

Once you have your legal counsel picked, here are a few important areas to cover with them:

· Evidence against you – What evidence does the prosecution hold against you? Unless you admitted guilt, there’s a chance you can turn things in your favor. In fact, even an admission of guilt may have come from coercion. If you took and failed a breathalyzer, was the test administered in the correct manner? Always question the evidence the authorities have up to the very end.

· Medical history – Did you take some medication and it interacted with a single drink at dinner? If so, you may have appeared to be out of it at the time of your detainment and arrest in your vehicle. No, there is not an excuse for bad judgment, but you may very well have not been drunk from a legal standpoint at the time.

· Your rights – Last, did law enforcement read you your rights when arrested? Something as simple as this could end up dismissing your case.

When your professional life is on the line, make sure you have the right legal team driving your case.