Fashion a Better You with Your Overall Appearance

What makes you happy and not so happy about your overall appearance?

Whether male or female – there are changes that you can make over time – some of which cost little or no money.


Others, meantime, will invest money in more dramatic alterations, some of which can cost a sizable amount of money (cosmetic surgery etc.).

No matter which changes you might be considering, there are opportunities to fashion a better you with your overall appearance

Is it Time for a Different Look?

Where to start with a change or changes in your appearance can oftentimes be the biggest question?

For example, changing one’s hair color, length of hair etc. can be done rather easily and without spending a ton of money.

You may be considering a new style, hair extensions, coloring change, or a number of other options.

How you go about determining which hair look is best for you can come down to several factors.

They include:

  • Family and friends – In many cases women (some men too) will look for a style that mirrors those they know in their lives, be it a family member or friend. If you’re considering going that route, ask the individual what they like or don’t like about their new hairstyle. What steps were needed to get the new style? How much did it cost? Would they opt for this newer look again or prefer to go back to their older look? Those closest to you can oftentimes be your best motivations and sounding boards, so don’t be afraid to use them;
  • Celebrities – Ask many women and they will tell you that they got their hairstyle idea from a famous actress, model, athlete etc. Following in the footsteps of those in the limelight is certainly nothing new. Whether it is a certain hairstyle, outfit, facial feature or any number of other similarities, many people like to follow in the footsteps of those they admire;
  • Blast from the past – If you stop and look around, you might notice style (hair, clothing, makeup etc.) harkening back to yesteryear. Some styles as far back as the 1970’s, 1980’s etc. have been making a comeback in certain ways nationwide. Hairstyles can certainly be one of those areas, so don’t be afraid to copy a look from a bygone era. The same holds true for clothing, as a number of styles always seem to come and go over time. Once again, looking and wearing what makes you feel comfortable is the best route to go;
  • Affordability – In many instances, price does play a role in whether or not someone can go through with the new fashion look of their choice. One of the areas of focus here is making sure the change you want will not cost you too much. A rather simple change in hairstyle or even some new clothes to dress-up your wardrobe is certainly understandable. On the other hand, opting to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for major cosmetic surgery is a decision that should be well thought-out. Look at several factors, including will the surgery ultimately make you happy? Are you considering the surgery because you feel you really need it to be happy or you want it because others have had it? Is the money you are considering spending on such cosmetic surgery money that could be better spent elsewhere in your life? These and other questions should be asked and answered, giving you some peace of mind before you opt to spend the funds;
  • Long-term or short-term? – Finally, changes in your overall appearance can be done for a number of reasons, some of which may be for the long-term. Others, however, may be short-term changes, changes that mean much to you for a big day or period in your life. Walking down the aisle is of course one such momentous occasion in your life. No matter what the change, think it through so that you can decide with 100 percent conviction that this is truly what you want for your life.

Fashioning a better you doesn’t have to involve tons of money or time for that matter.