Fast Facts on the ‘Only Cash Surveys’ Site – is it Legit or Not? Your Questions Answered


There are many reputable survey sites on the Internet today – but is Only Cash Surveys one of them? Here, we’ll tell you the information you need to know about this survey website – and if it’s really legit.

To register and become a member

To sign up for Only Cash Surveys, you are asked to answer some questions by first inputting your email address and name. Once you answer the questions, you are eligible to become part of a user panel, where you can participate in different surveys.

As with most other survey sites, you are required to be over 18 – but at Only Cash Surveys, individuals between 14 to 17 years old can also have the chance to join, provided they have the permission (as well as supervision) of their parent or guardian.

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Cash rewards

Once you are invited to participate in and complete a survey on Only Cash Surveys, you can receive a cash reward. Only Cash Surveys will send you your cash through PayPal – so it’s important for you to have a PayPal account before signing up. But aside from PayPal, Only Cash Surveys is also working on partnerships with other companies for gift certificates and cards.

To know how much you can withdraw, you simply go to the ‘My Rewards’ page or section of your Only Cash Surveys account. Once you are there, simply click on the ‘Cash out threshold’ to find out how you can redeem your cash and how much you can redeem. When you know how much you would like to redeem (Only Cash Surveys allows you to redeem once you have reached $50 in your account), then you can click on the ‘Cash out’ icon or button to withdraw your cash. Requests for a cash out are normally approved in about one month.

Taking a survey

Most of the surveys on Only Cash Surveys can be done in about 15 to 20 minutes, but this may also vary depending on the survey’s complexity or length. Before you begin a survey, you will be given information on the length of the survey and the estimated time it may take to complete it. Again, as with other survey websites, you can be eligible for a survey based on your demographic – your age, location, gender, and so on.

Only Cash Surveys, as its name implies, supposedly pays ‘only cash’ for surveys, and not points or sweepstakes. But whilst some users have implied that Only Cash Surveys does not live up to its promises, there are others who say that the site does pay up. To be sure that you’re not wasting your time and effort, you can always sign up for sites which have already attained top standing – sites such as Swagbucks, MyPoints, MySurvey, and more.

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