iPhone Essentials You Need in Your Life Right Now

Far and away the most popular cellphone that has ever hit stores, it is estimated that there around 164 million cellphone users in the U.S. and of these users, 63 million of them have iPhones, a staggering statistic.


As a result of this incredible popularity of the phone in its various models, the market of iPhone accessories has awesome seen a boom in recent years and there are currently an incredible amount of different accessories available to iPhone users which can accomplish all manner of things. Today we are going to take a look at just some of the accessories which you need in your life right now if you own an iPhone.


Many opt not to use cases but this seems rather foolish considering the amount of money which people must pay in order to get the handset in theĀ first place, protecting your investment from being dropped or water damaged is vital. There are a huge array of cases available made with materials from plastic to foam, featuring amazing art or TV show themed cases and even cases which act as a case for the iPhone 7+ card holder so that you can keep your cash and debit card close to your phone, all your valuables together. You could also consider investing in a battery case which will charge your phone on the go and help you to avoid the terrible fate of your phone dying on you.


The original headphones do the job but for added style and better sound quality it is well worth investing in some quality headphones. There are lots of headphones on the market with noise-cancelling properties which leaves you to just enjoy the music, and not the passing engines and many of the better headphones out there simply offer better sound for your music, the iPhone is a great tool to play music but if you want to hear it in the best possible way then invest in some headphones.

One set of headphones that is worth investing in are the new Apple headphones for the iPhone 7, in something of a ruse by Apple as they are not included with the phone itself. The headphones however, are wireless and of a very high quality, if you have the new iPhone then I’d recommend that you invest in these.

Camera Lens

Even the top of the range iPhone 7 can only offer 12 megapixels which will no doubt be able to take the shots that you need of your family during the day but take it to a concert or anything where they may be a touch of darkness and it will struggle. With this in mind, a great accessory for you to buy is a camera lens for your phone.

The camera lens is small and compact and you simply place it over the top of your phone for improved quality. You may think that carrying the lens around is a ball-ache but the lens and the phone are still more compact that most camera and will give you the same results.