How to Find the Perfect Project Bike

There is little doubt that roaring away from the forecourt of a bike showroom with your brand spanking new motorcycle is quite a thrill, the new, shiny parts, the knowledge that you are the first to tame this wild beast and of course, there’s that new smell. For many however this feeling pales in comparison to putting something together with your own hands and taking it out on the road that very first time and for many, taking on the project of building a bike is a labor of love which gives the greatest sense of satisfaction and reward.


During the building process you will learn an awful lot about the mechanics of a bike and there are many different ways to take on this challenge depending on your knowledge. If you are looking to start a project bike then here is how to find the perfect one for you.

Bite Off Only What You Can Chew

If this is your first project bike then going out and buying nothing more than a frame and some parts will present you with a monster project which you may never be able to complete. Beginners should look at bikes which simply need some TLC and a few new parts and some good motorcycle tires installed, once you can complete something like this then you can start getting more optimistic with your choices.

Work Backwards

Before going out and picking up an old, battered bike to use as your base it is important that you think about what kind of bike you want to create as opposed to allowing your available choices dictate that for you. Perhaps you want to put a cafe racer together, a cruiser or a sports bike, it will be important that you make this choice before looking for frames or parts. The best motorcycle mods for you will be the ones that fit in with your vision and not the ones which you can pick up cheapest and easiest.

Be Patient and Search Well

Unless you have unlimited funds, which few who take on a project bike will have, then it is important that you observe some patience when looking around for parts and the structure of your bike. Go take a look at lots of scrap yards or classifieds before taking the plunge on a piece of equipment, the same goes for new equipment too, if you find some Dunlop tires out there for $180 then take your search online where you can find far better prices, you may find them for $140 on the internet. The key to finding great parts for your project and keeping the cost down is patience, there is no rush, it is your project and you can finish it whenever you like.

Choosing the Bike With Least Problems

Even if you are going to completely reform the shape of the bike which you will be purchasing, it is still worth looking hard to find one which can run well. Very often people buy bikes solely for their frame or perhaps their exhaust system and then need to pay out for powerful engines to replace the one that doesn’t run. Ensure that you are asking the right questions before buying the bike, how old is it? Does it have a clean title? What modifications have been made? These are just some of the questions that you should be asking to avoid future problems.

The mechanics of the bike will be far more expensive to replace than frames and bodywork so you should try to find a bike that fits your criteria that will also run, you may pay a little more at the beginning but it will save money in the long run.