Reasons Why You Need to Give Your Bathroom the Makeover it Deserves

When it comes to renovating different areas of the house it can be tricky to decide which ones merit the most investment. The usual culprits are the kitchen and the living area as this is where you spend most of your time, bedrooms come afterwards and then people will start to look at the rest of the house before starting the whole cycle again a few years down the line.


One area of the house which people do not, in our opinion, give sufficient attention to is their bathrooms, either the en-suite, guest or the family bathroom and even though you will pass more of your time in other parts of the house, it is vital that you have a beautiful sanctuary where you can take care of life’s essentials. Here’s just a few reasons why your bathroom needs a beautiful makeover and why you should be investing in making your bathrooms look great again.


Bathrooms are more than just the place where you go to the toilet or where you clean yourself, they are an area of rejuvenation that can help you wash away the day’s stresses or wake yourself up from your slumber in order to attack the day ahead. Tropical showers and clawfoot tubs may appear expensive but you ought to look at them as long term investments and items which will give you small pieces of joy every single day.


Whether you like it or not, there is always a reason why you want to close the door behind you and lock it, be it to have some time away from the screaming kids, your husband or wife or perhaps just to have some valuable ‘you’ time. The bathroom is the one room in the house where you can close the door and lock everyone out whilst you enjoy some peace in the bath, the shower or perhaps even on the toilet. Being able to lock yourself away in a beautiful place is far more appealing that escaping to a tired bathroom that is good need of renovation.

Home Value

Updating your bathroom can have very a positive impact on the value of your home and even though you may not be thinking about selling right now, it is never a bad thing to add some value to your house. Studies suggest that the money which you will invest in the renovation of your bathroom can almost be fully recouped when the value is added on to the home.

So aside from the emotional and aesthetic reasons for giving your bathroom a makeover, there are also some very practical reasons for doing so. Believe it or not the average human spends around one and a half years of their life in the bathroom and wouldn’t you much prefer to spend that year and half in a beautiful, spa-like bathroom rather than one with leaky pipes, washed-out colors and ancient installations? We most certainly would prefer the former.