Fred Brisker – Why It Is Always Prudent to Get Travel Insurance

Do you get travel insurance when you go abroad? If you do then you will be surprised by the number of travelers who go away each and very year and fail to take out insurance that will cover them during their travels. It is important to remember of course that there is no insurance which you already have that will cover you in this eventuality, your home insurance, your auto cover or even you life insurance will be of little use to you when you travel, and that is why it is absolutely essential that you make sure you are covered when you go away. 

Insurance expert Fred Brisker is often astonished as to why people wouldn’t take out insurance ahead of their travels and the shared with us some of the most important reasons why this is a necessity. 

Cost of Medical Attention 

To think that you are going to travel and nothing will happen to you is nothing short of arrogant and misguided, no matter who you are or what age you are, there is always the risk that something goes wrong, be it an illness or an injury. In this situation you may think that you can imply seek help from the local health service and you would be right. Costs for foreigners to get healthcare however range wildly across the globe and you may find yourself having to fork out a huge amount of money for the care that you receive. If you have travel insurance you will get this covered for you. 


Death is unlikely to be at the top of your thought process when you are going away on a vacation but these things can and do happen to people when traveling. The repatriation of a body costs millions of dollars, because of the sensitive nature around bring the body back via air travel. If you didn’t have insurance and this happened to your parents or family, they would have to be left in the country that you visited, which very few people would like to see happen. 

Increased Risk 

When we go away we take on more risk than we usually would, we get involved in sports and we sample new foods, we are generally more active and all of this greatly increases the possibility that something and could happen to us. It only make sense then that you would take out cover so that if anything happened, you wouldn’t have to fork out. 

Travel Plans

Remember that travel insurance is not just about medical cover but it also covers you if there is a problem with your flight such as a delay or a cancellation. In some cases the airline will cover this but it is not common and the better option is to ensure that you have a travel insurance provider on your side for whatever may happen. 

This is low cost cover which will save you a great deal of money should something go wrong.