How to Become a CEO

Many people grow up with dreams and lofty ambitions of one day becoming a CEO of a large corporation or enterprise, the role looks attractive, big salary, fancy lifestyle, power and the ability to take decisions which affects thousands of people and global markets. The truth is that this type of career is attractive and for that reason, it is not easy to attain. In order to become a CEO you will need a certain set of key skills, a hard working ethic and a little bit of luck along the way.

To become a successful CEO like Haris Ahmed is will mean that you have made it to the top of your company and perhaps even to the top of your field and here are some helpful tips on how you can start from the bottom and become a Chief Executive Officer.


Do It Alone

Entrepreneurialism is very fashionable at the moment and there are lots of people like Mark Zuckerberg and Evan Spiegel who have created their very own businesses where they now reside as CEO. If you have a bright idea for a new product or service and you can reach global popularity then you can implement yourself as CEO of the company and fast track your way into such a position. It may seem a little out of reach right now but there is always the possibility that your idea could be the next big global hit.


Assuming you will be looking to make CEO the more traditional route and working form the bottom up, you are going need some key friends and contacts to help you out. Look further up the ladder in your particular industry or field and try to impress people and make friends. They may not be able to help you out right now but as you slowly climb the ladder of success you will find that they may be able to do you a favor.


If you want to be taken seriously as someone who is striving for success at board level then you are going to need to be results driven and have an outstanding track record of success. Positive results make people sit up and take notice and the more responsibility you can shoulder whilst consistently delivering good results, the more you will be noticed and the easier it will be to find promotions.

Show Leadership

Whatever level you are working at you need to show that you can lead, it doesn’t matter if you have a team of 2 or 200, you need to show from early on that you have what it takes to lead people. Leadership isn’t something that everyone is born with so you may want to look at brushing up on your leadership skills if you wish to impress. There is no CEO on the face of the Earth who doesn’t possess great leadership abilities and if you want to be taken seriously as someone who could one day become CEO then this is where you need to excel.