TB Joshua – Finding Your Calling

The healer and prophet TB Joshua was blessed to have received his calling from a very young age, and felt able, even then, to pursue a life in the service of God.  Many people, however, may feel that they are hearing a call, but they aren’t sure.  This is a legitimate concern – many of us may worry that perhaps we are confusing our own hopes or plans with God’s, or that we are overlooking God’s plan for us because we have a desire to pursue something else.  Recognizing the quiet voice of God can be a difficult thing, and requires that we truly listen.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you wonder if God is calling to you.



The people who know you will know you have found your calling

God puts before us challenges and plans that He knows we can meet and achieve – he does not ask us to set upon a path that will not bring us joy or that does not make use of the gifts that He has given us.  When you finally share with the people that know you the best your understanding of God’s plan for you, you may be suprised to know that they already had a sense of it.  The people with whom we surround ourselves often see us better than we see ourselves, and their certainty about the “rightness” of our calling is another way to know we are hearing God’s plans for us unfiltered by our own self-doubts or anxieties.

Trust that you will recognize God’s voice

When feeling doubtful, remember that God wants you to hear His call!  He will speak to you in a way that you can hear, in terms that you can understand.  But remember that while hearing may be passive, listening is a more active undertaking.  Prayer is perhaps the most important way that we can focus our attention on actively reaching for God’s voice, and this is the beginning of understanding.  Don’t expect that God’s plan for you will be plainly or easily revealed to you – you may have to discern His voice amid the noise of daily life and concerns.

The knowledge brings you peace

There will certainly be practical matters to sort out if you had planned to live your life one way only to understand that God has something else in mind for you.  Perhaps you have family obligations, student debts, or a career that you trained years to achieve. It may be that God has something else in mind for you to do, and it won’t necessarily be easy to answer God’s call – but amid the difficulties and fears, ultimately, knowing and accepting God’s plan will bring peace.  Doubts and fears fall away, replaced by the certainty that God has set before you a challenge that will bring you closer to Him.

God will speak to you in a voice that you can hear – it is up to you to listen, reflect, and accept His calling.